Monday, December 1, 2014

A Week Full of Gratitude and Sniffles............ December 1, 2014


Happy December Everybody!

Can you believe that this is that last month? I'll say Hi in person come January!

So, we had a pretty good week this week! Getting ready for Thanksgiving, cooking on Thanksgiving, eating Thanksgiving food, recovering from Thanksgiving.... really exciting week :)

We had a great Thanksgiving breakfast in Shadow Mountain Ward, then headed over to Sharon's to cook and cook and cook for our big meal! Unfortunately, almost all the people we invited had to cancel last minute, so we had a whole lot of extra food! But it all turned out great and delicious!

We had a few mini meals after that, and took a nap- my poor companion has been fighting the sicks this week! That evening we watched "Ephraim's Rescue" with a family- I love that movie! So good.
On Saturday we made Christmas cookies with Sharon, and helped her put up her tree and hang Christmas lights. We had a lot of fun! 

Reflecting on the gratitude of the season and the blessings we have received through the Gospel of Jesus Christ has brought me so much joy this holiday season, even as we are just beginning! I am so thankful for the joy I have here, through the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the love from Our Father in Heaven. Always remember how much He loves you!

Okay, I really can't think of anything else to say. Besides... my mom sent me a great Christmas package! yay Christmas tree!

I love you all so much! As you prepare for the Christmas season, please remember, the true reason for Christmas!!!!

I love you! Stay warm :)

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

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