Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Missionary Work...Still Love It!! ........ August 25, 2014


Hello again. Not much has changed from last time we met! At least, I don't think so....

Brandon needs surgery, so we are trying to figure all that out with his baptism, so nothing is definite there yet. Except that he will be baptized! Even his mom said that was certain. But he is in pain and is sick until they will do the surgery, and they want to make him wait for two weeks. Please pray for him! and for his mom! This is a lot of stress on both of them. But I have faith that everything will work out. :)

We met with Judy again, and she received a Priesthood blessing on Sunday to help her with all her trials. She felt the Spirit so strongly she cried. We will continue to help her and teach her, and pray that she will be able to make it to church soon!

We also started teaching a less active member and her children, and she and two oldest came to church! They are 11 and 7, turning 8. We have been meeting with them almost every day! They are great.
Justin and Julia came to church, we talked to them briefly and hopefully we will meet with them this week! They are super busy. But coming to church is one of the hardest parts, and they've got it down!

I'm still working that bicycle!! We walk a lot, but we ride pretty often as well. And it's still warm down here! But I LOVE the monsoon season, and the pounding rain and flash flood warnings and dust storm warnings.... so exciting! One of the best parts of Arizona :)

And, we got to go to the temple this week. I love the temple! We are so blessed to have them all over the world.

I love you guys! Be safe and Trust in the Lord!!


Sister Hailey Brown

Monday, August 18, 2014

Special Temple Trip with Special Permission! ......... August 18, 2014


Hello again. I feel like I was just here. Do I have anything to add?

We got special permission to go to the temple this week and do baptisms and confirmations and initiatory work for family names, in preparation for our Zone going to the temple to do a session this week. Sister Tucker and I went Saturday morning to the Mesa Temple and did three names each. It was wonderful! Best part of the week! We are so excited to keep doing family history, and to keep doing temple work!

We also taught a great lesson to Judy, a woman we met a few weeks ago and helped clean. She has such a strong faith in Christ! We are so excited to continue to teach her.

Don't have much of an update on Brandon, or Justin and Julia. Justin and Julia came to church though! We set up a time to meet this week.

Yes, it is still hot. It is surprising, though, how well I've adjusted..... "Oh, it's only 102 outside, we'll be okay." This is Arizona!

I love you all! If you are wondering why this is so short, I'm a bit distracted by family search. Love it!!!

I love this gospel, and we are so blessed to be born in this time when it has been restored to the earth. I am so thankful for the power of the priesthood which blesses us each day! And I am so thankful for all of you, and the love and support you give. :)

Love you!!

Sister Hailey Brown

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another Week- and a Baptism Date!!.........August 11, 2014


Hi Friends! and Family. Mostly family, I bet :)

Yesterday was my 13 month mark. But I decided I'm still going to tell people I've been out a year, or a little more than a year. I'll probably say that until I head home. Sounds like a plan to me!

So, pretty much the best news ever! Brandon has moved his baptism date to September 6th! His Mom had concert tickets the night of the 20th so it wouldn't work out :) He chose the date himself! We are so excited. Even his mom agrees, he is so ready. We bought him a Triple Combination and a True to the Faith book, and his face just lit up when we gave them to him! Unfortunately, the next day his mother got sick, and we haven't been able to meet since. And he didn't make it to church, he had to take care of his mom. We aren't terribly worried that this will effect his baptism, but we do wonder what the adversary is up to. 

Justin and Julia brought their little 4 year old to church for the first time yesterday, and she behaved so well! Her mom just took her off to Primary without any prompting from us, and they know where their classes are and feel comfortable going there without us. When a member asked Justin if he was member, he said, "Going to be!" Now...... we just need to figure out when they want to get married, so they can be baptized!

So, overall it's been a pretty good week! Still hot, but it's coming into monsoon season! In my opinion, the monsoons are one of the best reasons to live down here!

I love you all! Thanks for all your love and support, and especially for your emails and letters! You are the best!

Love, Sister Brown

PS: Finally got some pictures of the car from the wreck! Here it is in the junkyard- still hoping to get pictures on the car upside down in the street! Reminder- I was sitting behind the passenger. And yes, I did roll down my window to extract myself and Sister Tucker from the car.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another Transfer Successfully Avoided.......August 6, 2014


So, yes! I am still serving here in the Mesa 5th Ward in the Maricopa North Stake with Sister Tucker. Thank goodness! We have a lot of good things going on!

Brandon set a date to be baptized!! He chose September 20th. Except, that's all the way after the NEXT transfer, so we may try to move it up a week or two. We are so excited for him! He is already integrated into the ward and the Young Men, we are so happy!

Justin and Julia made it to all three hours of church last Sunday! And the ward has really just taken them under-wing :) They already seem like members! They still have so much to learn, but they both have said that what we have taught them seems right- it just clicks. And it does! The Gospel of Jesus Christ makes so much sense. Historically and through the power of the Holy Ghost, it feels like a no-brainer. But so often, past thoughts and influences confuse the pure and simple truth of the Gospel. If we are open to the quiet and gentle tugs of the Spirit, we will know the truth. I've found that we must be humble, and have faith in our Savior and our Eternal Father, to find the truth.

I am so thankful that I have been blessed to know the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been so blessed to be raised by a mother and a father who love the Lord, and have taught me and my sisters from when we were small to love Him as well. Our family has been blessed by their example and faithfulness. Over the last year, and even before the mission, I have seen so many families torn apart by the ways of the world, and even families who are faithful and true, yet lack the love that I knew while growing up. I know that it is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by following our prophets that our families are blessed. So, thanks Mom and Dad. Your example means the world to me.

So! We are plugging along on our bikes in the heat! We haven't gotten caught in a rainstorm yet, but they are here and I love them! 


Love, Sister Hailey Brown