Friday, September 27, 2013

A Mission is Always Being Tired.....September 23, 2013

Hello again!

Another week has found me exhausted and antsy. The people we are working with are at a complete standstill, and I am so frustrated! Eli hasn't met with us in a few weeks, can't come to church because he has classes on Saturdays and Sundays, and if we have to push back his baptism date a fourth time I might scream! Right now his date is Oct 5- which we figured out is conference.... so we'll probably have to anyways. He wants to get baptized in Chino, west of here and I think in the Phoenix mission. So that's great. We have to get all the information for the baptism, like which ward and stake and who will do the baptizing, and give it to the mission president, who will I guess talk to the Phoenix mission president who will get the people in Chino to work things out. But Eli is still waiting for an answer to a question that he doesn't know yet. So I'm frustrated with him.

Sean and Tatiana are doing well, but didn't show up at church yesterday and we don't know why. They missed the primary program! Hayden, their 8 yr old, will be so sad he missed his part. So I'm frustrated with them. I just hope everything is okay- we texted them yesterday but we'll try to call later.

Our new investigators- or almost investigators- keep rescheduling. Maybe they have real reasons. But I'm about fed up with this. I want them to say, I really want to meet with you, or I'm really not interested, so we aren't wasting time. I don't know. It's really easy to get discouraged on a mission! But we are told in Preach My Gospel that discouragement weakens our faith- pg 10 PMG. So I won't get discouraged but will keep my expectations high and will go forth!

We went on exchanges this week and they went okay, but the most exciting part was I had to get certified to drive the car! The vehicle coordinator Elder Williams is in the valley so he had our zone leaders do it. So it was super awkward, but super easy compared to the test it would have been with Elder Williams! So I still can't drive, unless I'm with someone who can't drive like Sis Sanchez- she's been out over a year so her Spain license has expired. But it was awesome to drive!

I love my companion Sister Hubmann, and I love all the members here who help us out so much! This morning we went to the Dewitt's and experienced milking a cow. I was the only one who had done it before and I had to help Sis. Crowther get it right. It was awesome! I think they are going to start bringing us fresh milk because they have so much extra which is awesome! Members love to give us stuff, especially food :)

So the rain has ended, and the wind has begun! Yesterday at church the wind was blowing skirts and tearing papers off the hallway walls when the door opened! okay maybe it just ruffled them a ton and it sounded like they were coming off.

So I got this new bike to ride... It's pretty nice and didn't completely break the bank (just everything that went with it did). I didn't take pictures but I'll try to remember for next week! I about died riding the bike- the elevation plus any incline at all is about more than I can handle. But I'll get used to this, and then biking in the valley will be a piece of cake! The up side to biking in the mountains first. We can only use the bikes to get to part of one of our wards, which is dumb, but still good. On Saturday, however, I totally pulled the chain off and it wedged in tight somewhere I can't get it out. So we took it over to the Relief Society President's husband to fix it, and he said he would adjust the gear shifters too. Hopefully we'll get it back in the next day or two because our miles are looking bad.

So we have 800 miles a month. For next month, minus the trip to the valley for transfers (because it will probably happen) and the trip to zone conference in Heber, and we're looking at about 300 miles or less. For the whole month. Someone has gone crazy, either in Scottsdale or Salt Lake. Plus the first frost will probably come next month, and soon after that we can't be on bike at all- or we're not supposed to be.

Life is hard.

But we already knew that, right?

Well, I'm learning and growing. It kind of feels like a really weird college experience. Where I don't have my notes from my other semesters (kind of wish I did sometimes! BYU has great religion classes) and I can't remember what I've already learned. and when what I'm trying to say rarely comes out the way I want to say it.

But yes! It's amazing. I love the people and I love the area. And I love you guys! I really miss you all and hope everything is going well! Thanks for all your letters and emails and love you send me! Be safe and choose the right!! :)

I love you!
Sister Hailey Brown




Monday, September 16, 2013

Survived Friday the 13th... did you?.....September 16, 2013

Hello Family and Friends!
Not much to update this week! We found out on Friday that our miles were increased from 700 to 800 per month. Which is good, except I was told we had 1100 miles per month. Apparently we went 400 miles over our limit last month. And with the trip to the valley with transfers, we have approximately no miles left. So today I am going to go buy a bicycle to help us get to 9th ward, and we have been asking members for rides a lot. Two of the three wards we cover we can't even get to on bike! I don't know how the miscommunication happened, but we're doing our best with what we have. On the bright side, this will help me get in better shape! But I'm really not looking forward to it.
This is the wettest the monsoon season has been here in ages! We are still getting rain, and on Friday the 13th we got a killer storm that flooded the streets and sent hail pouring down. Good thing we were with a member at the time, because we were walking that day! I put pictures of the storm up on dropbox, along with pictures of the sky. It is a beautiful sky around here :)

We also had our temple trip on Wednesday! The whole zone got together and went to the temple in the morning, which was amazing. I love having the temple so near! We are so blessed to be just 10 or 15 minutes from the temple- the Elders in Payson had to drive an hour and a half- they had to get up at 5:30! I am so thankful to grow up in a place that has a temple five minutes away, that we can look out and see everyday as we drive around Logan. My companion's nearest temple to her in Tennessee is four hours away in South Carolina, and the 2nd nearest is five hours in Nashville (I think). We have so many temples, there is no reason not to go! Counting our blessings :)

Sean and Tatiana are doing well, as far as we can tell. We had to reschedule our appointment with them last night, so we'll see them later this week. They sure keep themselves busy! We are going to set a baptism date with Sean for after the wedding- as soon as possible after the wedding! As soon as they are married he is good to go. The Mission President says that marriage is all that is required for the law of chastity to be kept, so he could even be married the same day! I hope I am around to see it, but it is still a transfer away. They better send me pictures at least!
The 12 year old, Tristen, talked to us a little this week when we ran into him on the street. I told him we would come by some evening and bring him a treat! So making cookies today is on the agenda :) He came over a day or two after that, selling tickets to a Navajo taco sale fundraiser for his school, so we all bought one for three dollars. He is a sweet boy and I hope we can meet with his family! I think his dad and older brother are not members which is hard, but we'll keep trying! It's amazing how much you come to love someone you barely know.
So I've been thinking a bit about the ward newsletter... if you or anyone says anything I want to know what it is! I don't know why, just curious I guess :) I remember Dad talking about Shaelyn in one, so I want to get a copy of anything that talks about me!
I think I've been meaning to ask for some things from home, but I can't remember right now... of course, right? I'll try to write a letter home, but I don't know if I'll get one out this week... busy busy busy!
I miss you all so much! Mom, what you said about setting the table for six made me laugh and little sad. We'll all be back together soon! Just think of me, away and busy at college for months on end, that's happened before!
I love getting all of your letters, and your packages Momma! And emails are awesome as well!
Keep keeping in touch! Be safe!
Love, Hailey
Sister Brown!
never know quite how to sign these emails..... :)



Monday, September 9, 2013

And the rain came tumbling down.....September 9, 2013

Hello hello!

It has been a busy week full of knocking on doors and dodging lightning bolts! Just a little bit. The power didn't go off that much! mostly just flickers. We were visiting Sister Owen and she wouldn't let us leave, and the thunder was shaking her house. This is crazy but awesome! and I'm letting the sisters on bikes use the rain coat you sent me cause they need it more, and apparently it is perfect for a bike! It's long enough to keep you warm, but doesn't get caught anywhere on the bike. Sister Rasmussen loves it to death! And yes, they are being careful with it :)

We got special permission again to go to the temple, because Sister Rasmussen's new companion, straight from the MTC, got super homesick and called Sister Sweeney several times. And we get to go as a zone next week! Yay! But she's doing a lot better now, and we're all settling in the changes from last week.

Sister Hubmann, my new companion, is from the Knoxville area of Tennessee and has been out for six months. She is the youngest, and has two older brothers and a cousin who lived with them that she calls her older brother- so when people ask she says three older brothers. She went to BYUI for three semesters before the mission, and right now is majoring in communications- meaning computer stuff. She just turned 20 last month, and last transfer she trained a sister from my MTC zone Sister Crandall! She is super awesome and we get along great! We are working on exercising harder and eating better- but it is super hard! we have a lot of fun together :)

Sister McCashland is in North Scottsdale this transfer, with a sister she used to live with as her companion- which is not a good thing. They will have a struggle this transfer together. She had to complete her training on her own while she was training me, so I don't know what else they will do, if they will go over her training at all. Keep her in your prayers!

The sisters I live with are awesome, although we sure to miss Hermana Wadsworth- she sure was the life of the party! We are doing a lot better focusing on our studies though! We are already having a great time all together. One of their members is taking us to Show Low today to Walmart so Sister Crowther can buy a bike- she has just been using Sis Hubmann's bike for the last week.

Along with that news... I think I told you we only get a set amount of miles a month? Well, the mission has been going over on its allotted miles, so we've been told if we go over this month Salt Lake (or Headquarters) will park the entire mission- meaning NO ONE in the mission will be able to drive. We sent around sign up sheets asking members to help us out and give us ride, because we've alread gone 500 miles this month with our trip to the valley and back, and we only have 1100 a month. and we've done the math, and we can't see the people we need to see on 25 miles a day. That rules out most of third ward!! So we've been pretty stressed. I might need to buy a bike after all!

So the people.... We have starting teaching a young couple, Eduardo and Ambra, and we are having a hard time. She is traditional Navajo, and is the head of her household and has a problem with the priesthood. She also already believes that her family can be together forever. He has a Catholic background but hardly says a word and lets his wife speak for both of them. We have met with them twice now and taught the first two lessons, the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. We are meeting with them this Wednesday and we are planning to teach them more about the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost, because they believe in praying only to give thanks. I hope we can see progess! They have been reading the Book of Mormon, which is something!!!

We are also having a hard time setting a baptism date for an investigator. Sean is living with his fiancee, a former less active named Tatiana, and all their children live together in the home they have created. The bishop doesn't want him to get baptized the day after the wedding (which is Nov 2), because they know the law of chastity and haven't been living it. And they feel like this is the best thing for them to do, to stay together. It kind of sounds like Sean thinks they are the exception to the rule. (But it's God's commandment and there are no exceptions!!) The bishop says he is praying and still waiting for an answer. We are all praying too. They are such a great family and I love them a ton. It is a difficult situation, but we don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

Yesterday for church, instead of going to all the council meetings instead of sacrament, we decided to go to sacrament instead! We are hoping to just go to meeting every other week so we can meet more of the people. That is something I didn't do before, but we should have. The members have to trust us in order for us to be the most effective we can be. Members won't give us referrals if they don't know us and trust us!

Have you met your missionaries yet? Dad told me a set got assigned to our stake- that is so many wards to cover! I feel like I can't give the attention to each ward that they deserve and I only cover three! Well, two wards and a branch. So try to find the missionaries and help them! look for opportunities to share parts of the gospel with your friends! Invite friends to church activities, and don't be afraid to share your testimony! Although that is something I'm still working on too :) So let's all work it together, okay? Deal!

I love you all so much! Be safe and keep me updated! make sure Daddy gets home safe- and give him a BIG hug for me!!!!!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown


Sister Brown and Sister Hubmann in front of the Snowflake Arizona Temple

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Survived my first Transfer!.....September 4, 2013

Hello again everyone!

So, I survived my first transfer and stayed in the same area, but got a new companion. Sister Hubmann is from Tennessee, turned 20 about a month ago, and has been out for six months. We are going to be awesome together!!!!

Saturday we were waiting all day for transfer news, because the Mission President calls everyone to tell them what they are doing. or that's what we thought. It turns out he only calls if one of you is going to train. So at nine that night I thought we were staying together, but then we got the details from the District Leader and he set us straight. Sister McCashland is down in North Scottsdale, in the brand new Pinnacle Zone. And Taylor is no longer in the Snowflake Zone, which nobody understands because they are basically the same town. The maps show the area as "Snowflake-Taylor." So because it's out of our zone, we're not supposed to go there. Too bad the only place to email is the college, in Snowflake. Not to mention that I'm still over the YSA Snowflake Branch! We still have to work out all the details. Now Taylor is in the Payson Zone, and we have new Zone Leaders. And I don't think zone sports is gonna work out, which is a huge bummer. ahhhhhh.

So all of Monday was spent saying good-bye to people and taking lots of pictures for Sister McCashland- I got some too! I'll have to tell you who everyone is!

We taught two new investigators, Eduardo and Ambra, last Saturday, and we're meeting with them again tonight!!!! Their dog killed their neighbor's, the Roger's, chickens (yes they live on main street with chickens), so the Roger's asked if they wanted to meet with the missionaries. You could tell they were very hesitant when we met them. We were on splits that night because we had too many appointments (which is awesome!!!) so I went with a RM from the YSA named Britney, and she was amazing and probably is the reason they agreed to read from the Book of Mormon and meet with us again. I am SO STOKED about this!!! It will be so hard but I'm so excited!!!!!

I am so completely ecstatic to show Sister Hubmann the area and all the people! We were down in Scottsdale for Transfers and it was just wayyyyy toooo hot. God knows what I can handle, and He knows I can't handle that heat right now. I know I need to work up to it, and work to be in better shape in case I get put on bike. So I have goals in mind, and I am counting my blessings that I am in beautiful and cool Taylor AZ with a car. I was even cold this morning :)

Thanks for sending me letters and emailing me! I got three letters at the mission office yesterday while we were down there, but haven't had a chance to read them yet. So I'll read them and write you back!!!!

I love you all and miss you all sooooooo  much!!!! Stay strong and awesome!!!

Love, Sister Brown

ps- I'll send photo explanations next!!!

Me and Sister Owen and her dog Honey. They are the sweetest people ever!!!
sis. McCashland and I with Bro and Sis Willis. They are hilarious!!!
working on getting them back to church!!
us with Sean and Tatiana and their kids- Syndr, Hayden, and baby Treven (I think that's his name at least...) Sean can get baptized as soon as they are married!!!
              64- with our next door land lady Sis Tanner. She is amazing and makes the best bread :)
               the sisters we live with: sisters Wadsworth, Rasmussen, McCashland, and Brown :)
              Chanda and Felicia and us, two YSA who came out with us on Monday. they rock!
Raquel who lives next door. she is hilarous and wouldn't let us take her picture at first,
then came over and said she had changed her mind. Love her to death!
trying to teach her about the temple so she can go
Snowflake Zone!! minus the Heber Elders. and the angry Elder doesn't really look like that, I promise! He's one of the Zone leaders. This is right before we all caravaned down to the valley Monday night. we picked up the Heber Elders as we passed by on the way- they are in the district picture.... I'll find that one next!
Taylor District!
awesome storm clouds! 24/7 :)