Thursday, September 5, 2013

Survived my first Transfer!.....September 4, 2013

Hello again everyone!

So, I survived my first transfer and stayed in the same area, but got a new companion. Sister Hubmann is from Tennessee, turned 20 about a month ago, and has been out for six months. We are going to be awesome together!!!!

Saturday we were waiting all day for transfer news, because the Mission President calls everyone to tell them what they are doing. or that's what we thought. It turns out he only calls if one of you is going to train. So at nine that night I thought we were staying together, but then we got the details from the District Leader and he set us straight. Sister McCashland is down in North Scottsdale, in the brand new Pinnacle Zone. And Taylor is no longer in the Snowflake Zone, which nobody understands because they are basically the same town. The maps show the area as "Snowflake-Taylor." So because it's out of our zone, we're not supposed to go there. Too bad the only place to email is the college, in Snowflake. Not to mention that I'm still over the YSA Snowflake Branch! We still have to work out all the details. Now Taylor is in the Payson Zone, and we have new Zone Leaders. And I don't think zone sports is gonna work out, which is a huge bummer. ahhhhhh.

So all of Monday was spent saying good-bye to people and taking lots of pictures for Sister McCashland- I got some too! I'll have to tell you who everyone is!

We taught two new investigators, Eduardo and Ambra, last Saturday, and we're meeting with them again tonight!!!! Their dog killed their neighbor's, the Roger's, chickens (yes they live on main street with chickens), so the Roger's asked if they wanted to meet with the missionaries. You could tell they were very hesitant when we met them. We were on splits that night because we had too many appointments (which is awesome!!!) so I went with a RM from the YSA named Britney, and she was amazing and probably is the reason they agreed to read from the Book of Mormon and meet with us again. I am SO STOKED about this!!! It will be so hard but I'm so excited!!!!!

I am so completely ecstatic to show Sister Hubmann the area and all the people! We were down in Scottsdale for Transfers and it was just wayyyyy toooo hot. God knows what I can handle, and He knows I can't handle that heat right now. I know I need to work up to it, and work to be in better shape in case I get put on bike. So I have goals in mind, and I am counting my blessings that I am in beautiful and cool Taylor AZ with a car. I was even cold this morning :)

Thanks for sending me letters and emailing me! I got three letters at the mission office yesterday while we were down there, but haven't had a chance to read them yet. So I'll read them and write you back!!!!

I love you all and miss you all sooooooo  much!!!! Stay strong and awesome!!!

Love, Sister Brown

ps- I'll send photo explanations next!!!

Me and Sister Owen and her dog Honey. They are the sweetest people ever!!!
sis. McCashland and I with Bro and Sis Willis. They are hilarious!!!
working on getting them back to church!!
us with Sean and Tatiana and their kids- Syndr, Hayden, and baby Treven (I think that's his name at least...) Sean can get baptized as soon as they are married!!!
              64- with our next door land lady Sis Tanner. She is amazing and makes the best bread :)
               the sisters we live with: sisters Wadsworth, Rasmussen, McCashland, and Brown :)
              Chanda and Felicia and us, two YSA who came out with us on Monday. they rock!
Raquel who lives next door. she is hilarous and wouldn't let us take her picture at first,
then came over and said she had changed her mind. Love her to death!
trying to teach her about the temple so she can go
Snowflake Zone!! minus the Heber Elders. and the angry Elder doesn't really look like that, I promise! He's one of the Zone leaders. This is right before we all caravaned down to the valley Monday night. we picked up the Heber Elders as we passed by on the way- they are in the district picture.... I'll find that one next!
Taylor District!
awesome storm clouds! 24/7 :)

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