Monday, September 16, 2013

Survived Friday the 13th... did you?.....September 16, 2013

Hello Family and Friends!
Not much to update this week! We found out on Friday that our miles were increased from 700 to 800 per month. Which is good, except I was told we had 1100 miles per month. Apparently we went 400 miles over our limit last month. And with the trip to the valley with transfers, we have approximately no miles left. So today I am going to go buy a bicycle to help us get to 9th ward, and we have been asking members for rides a lot. Two of the three wards we cover we can't even get to on bike! I don't know how the miscommunication happened, but we're doing our best with what we have. On the bright side, this will help me get in better shape! But I'm really not looking forward to it.
This is the wettest the monsoon season has been here in ages! We are still getting rain, and on Friday the 13th we got a killer storm that flooded the streets and sent hail pouring down. Good thing we were with a member at the time, because we were walking that day! I put pictures of the storm up on dropbox, along with pictures of the sky. It is a beautiful sky around here :)

We also had our temple trip on Wednesday! The whole zone got together and went to the temple in the morning, which was amazing. I love having the temple so near! We are so blessed to be just 10 or 15 minutes from the temple- the Elders in Payson had to drive an hour and a half- they had to get up at 5:30! I am so thankful to grow up in a place that has a temple five minutes away, that we can look out and see everyday as we drive around Logan. My companion's nearest temple to her in Tennessee is four hours away in South Carolina, and the 2nd nearest is five hours in Nashville (I think). We have so many temples, there is no reason not to go! Counting our blessings :)

Sean and Tatiana are doing well, as far as we can tell. We had to reschedule our appointment with them last night, so we'll see them later this week. They sure keep themselves busy! We are going to set a baptism date with Sean for after the wedding- as soon as possible after the wedding! As soon as they are married he is good to go. The Mission President says that marriage is all that is required for the law of chastity to be kept, so he could even be married the same day! I hope I am around to see it, but it is still a transfer away. They better send me pictures at least!
The 12 year old, Tristen, talked to us a little this week when we ran into him on the street. I told him we would come by some evening and bring him a treat! So making cookies today is on the agenda :) He came over a day or two after that, selling tickets to a Navajo taco sale fundraiser for his school, so we all bought one for three dollars. He is a sweet boy and I hope we can meet with his family! I think his dad and older brother are not members which is hard, but we'll keep trying! It's amazing how much you come to love someone you barely know.
So I've been thinking a bit about the ward newsletter... if you or anyone says anything I want to know what it is! I don't know why, just curious I guess :) I remember Dad talking about Shaelyn in one, so I want to get a copy of anything that talks about me!
I think I've been meaning to ask for some things from home, but I can't remember right now... of course, right? I'll try to write a letter home, but I don't know if I'll get one out this week... busy busy busy!
I miss you all so much! Mom, what you said about setting the table for six made me laugh and little sad. We'll all be back together soon! Just think of me, away and busy at college for months on end, that's happened before!
I love getting all of your letters, and your packages Momma! And emails are awesome as well!
Keep keeping in touch! Be safe!
Love, Hailey
Sister Brown!
never know quite how to sign these emails..... :)



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