Monday, September 9, 2013

And the rain came tumbling down.....September 9, 2013

Hello hello!

It has been a busy week full of knocking on doors and dodging lightning bolts! Just a little bit. The power didn't go off that much! mostly just flickers. We were visiting Sister Owen and she wouldn't let us leave, and the thunder was shaking her house. This is crazy but awesome! and I'm letting the sisters on bikes use the rain coat you sent me cause they need it more, and apparently it is perfect for a bike! It's long enough to keep you warm, but doesn't get caught anywhere on the bike. Sister Rasmussen loves it to death! And yes, they are being careful with it :)

We got special permission again to go to the temple, because Sister Rasmussen's new companion, straight from the MTC, got super homesick and called Sister Sweeney several times. And we get to go as a zone next week! Yay! But she's doing a lot better now, and we're all settling in the changes from last week.

Sister Hubmann, my new companion, is from the Knoxville area of Tennessee and has been out for six months. She is the youngest, and has two older brothers and a cousin who lived with them that she calls her older brother- so when people ask she says three older brothers. She went to BYUI for three semesters before the mission, and right now is majoring in communications- meaning computer stuff. She just turned 20 last month, and last transfer she trained a sister from my MTC zone Sister Crandall! She is super awesome and we get along great! We are working on exercising harder and eating better- but it is super hard! we have a lot of fun together :)

Sister McCashland is in North Scottsdale this transfer, with a sister she used to live with as her companion- which is not a good thing. They will have a struggle this transfer together. She had to complete her training on her own while she was training me, so I don't know what else they will do, if they will go over her training at all. Keep her in your prayers!

The sisters I live with are awesome, although we sure to miss Hermana Wadsworth- she sure was the life of the party! We are doing a lot better focusing on our studies though! We are already having a great time all together. One of their members is taking us to Show Low today to Walmart so Sister Crowther can buy a bike- she has just been using Sis Hubmann's bike for the last week.

Along with that news... I think I told you we only get a set amount of miles a month? Well, the mission has been going over on its allotted miles, so we've been told if we go over this month Salt Lake (or Headquarters) will park the entire mission- meaning NO ONE in the mission will be able to drive. We sent around sign up sheets asking members to help us out and give us ride, because we've alread gone 500 miles this month with our trip to the valley and back, and we only have 1100 a month. and we've done the math, and we can't see the people we need to see on 25 miles a day. That rules out most of third ward!! So we've been pretty stressed. I might need to buy a bike after all!

So the people.... We have starting teaching a young couple, Eduardo and Ambra, and we are having a hard time. She is traditional Navajo, and is the head of her household and has a problem with the priesthood. She also already believes that her family can be together forever. He has a Catholic background but hardly says a word and lets his wife speak for both of them. We have met with them twice now and taught the first two lessons, the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. We are meeting with them this Wednesday and we are planning to teach them more about the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost, because they believe in praying only to give thanks. I hope we can see progess! They have been reading the Book of Mormon, which is something!!!

We are also having a hard time setting a baptism date for an investigator. Sean is living with his fiancee, a former less active named Tatiana, and all their children live together in the home they have created. The bishop doesn't want him to get baptized the day after the wedding (which is Nov 2), because they know the law of chastity and haven't been living it. And they feel like this is the best thing for them to do, to stay together. It kind of sounds like Sean thinks they are the exception to the rule. (But it's God's commandment and there are no exceptions!!) The bishop says he is praying and still waiting for an answer. We are all praying too. They are such a great family and I love them a ton. It is a difficult situation, but we don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

Yesterday for church, instead of going to all the council meetings instead of sacrament, we decided to go to sacrament instead! We are hoping to just go to meeting every other week so we can meet more of the people. That is something I didn't do before, but we should have. The members have to trust us in order for us to be the most effective we can be. Members won't give us referrals if they don't know us and trust us!

Have you met your missionaries yet? Dad told me a set got assigned to our stake- that is so many wards to cover! I feel like I can't give the attention to each ward that they deserve and I only cover three! Well, two wards and a branch. So try to find the missionaries and help them! look for opportunities to share parts of the gospel with your friends! Invite friends to church activities, and don't be afraid to share your testimony! Although that is something I'm still working on too :) So let's all work it together, okay? Deal!

I love you all so much! Be safe and keep me updated! make sure Daddy gets home safe- and give him a BIG hug for me!!!!!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown


Sister Brown and Sister Hubmann in front of the Snowflake Arizona Temple

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