Friday, September 27, 2013

A Mission is Always Being Tired.....September 23, 2013

Hello again!

Another week has found me exhausted and antsy. The people we are working with are at a complete standstill, and I am so frustrated! Eli hasn't met with us in a few weeks, can't come to church because he has classes on Saturdays and Sundays, and if we have to push back his baptism date a fourth time I might scream! Right now his date is Oct 5- which we figured out is conference.... so we'll probably have to anyways. He wants to get baptized in Chino, west of here and I think in the Phoenix mission. So that's great. We have to get all the information for the baptism, like which ward and stake and who will do the baptizing, and give it to the mission president, who will I guess talk to the Phoenix mission president who will get the people in Chino to work things out. But Eli is still waiting for an answer to a question that he doesn't know yet. So I'm frustrated with him.

Sean and Tatiana are doing well, but didn't show up at church yesterday and we don't know why. They missed the primary program! Hayden, their 8 yr old, will be so sad he missed his part. So I'm frustrated with them. I just hope everything is okay- we texted them yesterday but we'll try to call later.

Our new investigators- or almost investigators- keep rescheduling. Maybe they have real reasons. But I'm about fed up with this. I want them to say, I really want to meet with you, or I'm really not interested, so we aren't wasting time. I don't know. It's really easy to get discouraged on a mission! But we are told in Preach My Gospel that discouragement weakens our faith- pg 10 PMG. So I won't get discouraged but will keep my expectations high and will go forth!

We went on exchanges this week and they went okay, but the most exciting part was I had to get certified to drive the car! The vehicle coordinator Elder Williams is in the valley so he had our zone leaders do it. So it was super awkward, but super easy compared to the test it would have been with Elder Williams! So I still can't drive, unless I'm with someone who can't drive like Sis Sanchez- she's been out over a year so her Spain license has expired. But it was awesome to drive!

I love my companion Sister Hubmann, and I love all the members here who help us out so much! This morning we went to the Dewitt's and experienced milking a cow. I was the only one who had done it before and I had to help Sis. Crowther get it right. It was awesome! I think they are going to start bringing us fresh milk because they have so much extra which is awesome! Members love to give us stuff, especially food :)

So the rain has ended, and the wind has begun! Yesterday at church the wind was blowing skirts and tearing papers off the hallway walls when the door opened! okay maybe it just ruffled them a ton and it sounded like they were coming off.

So I got this new bike to ride... It's pretty nice and didn't completely break the bank (just everything that went with it did). I didn't take pictures but I'll try to remember for next week! I about died riding the bike- the elevation plus any incline at all is about more than I can handle. But I'll get used to this, and then biking in the valley will be a piece of cake! The up side to biking in the mountains first. We can only use the bikes to get to part of one of our wards, which is dumb, but still good. On Saturday, however, I totally pulled the chain off and it wedged in tight somewhere I can't get it out. So we took it over to the Relief Society President's husband to fix it, and he said he would adjust the gear shifters too. Hopefully we'll get it back in the next day or two because our miles are looking bad.

So we have 800 miles a month. For next month, minus the trip to the valley for transfers (because it will probably happen) and the trip to zone conference in Heber, and we're looking at about 300 miles or less. For the whole month. Someone has gone crazy, either in Scottsdale or Salt Lake. Plus the first frost will probably come next month, and soon after that we can't be on bike at all- or we're not supposed to be.

Life is hard.

But we already knew that, right?

Well, I'm learning and growing. It kind of feels like a really weird college experience. Where I don't have my notes from my other semesters (kind of wish I did sometimes! BYU has great religion classes) and I can't remember what I've already learned. and when what I'm trying to say rarely comes out the way I want to say it.

But yes! It's amazing. I love the people and I love the area. And I love you guys! I really miss you all and hope everything is going well! Thanks for all your letters and emails and love you send me! Be safe and choose the right!! :)

I love you!
Sister Hailey Brown




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