Monday, April 28, 2014

A pleasant surprise of cool air and rain......​.....April 28, 2014


Hello again, familia! Yes, it has been another week. :)

We had a nice cool weekend that stayed mostly in the 70s! On Saturday we had a little bit of rain in the morning- how I love it! It was super windy and reminded me of my first area in Taylor. We had to make a stop back at home so Sister Carambelas could change her skirt, hoping that a longer one would stay down a little better :) The rain didn't last but it's been a bit cooler that last few days! But I heard it's supposed to go back up to 95 this Saturday and it'll only get hotter from there. I pray I'll be able to handle the summer! Maybe I won't have to sweat it out in the valley though....

This week we were able to see Brenda! It was only for a few minutes, to give her a large print copy of the Book of Mormon. She hasn't been to church in a while, and didn't come yesterday. She told us that she wants to meet with the Bishop before she has another lesson with us. Luckily our Bishop is awesome and we're trying to get her in as soon as possible! We just have to coordinate their schedules. She hasn't progressed too much in the last 5 months or so that we've been working with her, but she has definitely been worked on for years by other missionaries and member friends. Her road may just be one that we can not yet see the end to. But we know that if she softens her heart she will come unto Christ and be baptized a member of His church!

Adam came to church though! We are working on resolving his concerns one and one, and trying to get him involved in the single ward. But we were able to meet his mom! She is super nice and is open to learning about what her son has been learning. Yay!

We had a lesson with an inactive member named David who we have met before but haven't been able to sit down and talk because he is single and we needed another female. We asked a great young returning missionary who was recently married to come with us, and she was AMAZING and we had a great lesson with him! But he doesn't believe in the church and doesn't see the need for it in his life. But he says he will always welcome the missionaries! Yay for people who are nice! We're going to try to get the Elder's Quorum involved and invite him to any service projects we might have.

We were both very sad to leave. The Spirit was so strong in our lesson, especially when David read a few verses out of the Book of Mormon out loud. We want so badly for him to find the ONLY THING that will bring TRUE and LASTING HAPPINESS-- the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!! But he doesn't even know what he is missing right now, which is sad. The good news is, his parents are active and will always make sure the church knows where he is so members and missionaries can visit him! And maybe his time isn't now- the Lord is still working on him!

It is really difficult to know with all your heart and mind that something is true, and to know that it makes people happy and you just want to share it and have everyone be happy! and then people don't want it. They don't know that it will make them happy! But we are trying to show and tell people everywhere about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Like it says in chapter one of Preach my Gospel...

President Ezra Taft Benson taught: “We are commanded by God to take this gospel to all  the world. That is the cause that must unite us today. Only the gospel will save the world from the calamity of its own self destruction. Only the gospel will unite men of all races and nationalities in peace. Only   the gospel will bring joy, happiness, and salvation to the human family” (The Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson [1988], 167).

True words!!!

I love you all so much! You are all AMAZING and LOVED!! Be safe, be happy, and share the word of God!!!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

Photo- more fun at the zoo!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Loving the sun . . . and the Phoenix Zoo!! ..........​...April 21, 2014


So, hi everyone!

I'm writing a little bit later that usual because our zone went to the Phoenix Zoo this morning! We had a lot of fun, but man I'm exhausted! The sun sure does take a lot out of you!

We had a pretty good week this last week. The best part was the Easter Pageant! We got to go down and help pass out programs and invite people to the temple visitor's center on Tuesday and Saturday, and we went down with some members and nonmembers on Friday night and we got to see it! It was super good. Did you know it's the largest Easter Pageant in the world?!? So there were a bajillion people there, but I didn't even get too claustrophobic :) The cast comes out before it starts to talk to people, and they bring out some of the lambs they use! I got to cuddle one too! They use all real animals, and the cast is almost 500 people! It was really cool.

On Wednesday I was on exchange with the Sister Training Leaders in my area, Sister White and Sister Garrett. Yes, I was with both of them in my area- it was a little different. Sister Carambelas went with two other sisters to another ward for the day. The Sisters are such great missionaries and are always so upbeat! they really helped me to rebuild my faith in the area and in myself as a missionary. We had a great day! We were in the park, looking for people to talk to, and we talked to this man with a dog, named Antonio. He was super nice and gave us his phone number to invite to church, but he didn't show. Still, it's a possibility! and he was super nice. So... miracle!! It was great :)
We met with Adam again, and gave him some homework chapters to read in the Book of Mormon for our next meeting that will hopefully help resolve some of his concerns. We were also able to meet with Summer and her four daughters- did I tell you about them? They just moved here from Utah, and Summer and her husband are inactive and none of their daughters are baptized. We were able to teach them the Restoration, and we're planning to meet again this week! So, potentially, her three daughters 8 and older could be baptized! so we'll have to see!

I feel super boring this week. But we had a good week and we're working hard! We had a good Easter yesterday and I hope all of you did too! I love having this time to remember and reflect on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, and especially His Atonement and the Resurrection. We are so blessed by our Father in Heaven in so many ways that we don't even recognize. I am so thankful for my life and my family here on Earth, and even more grateful for the Atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He really does love us and know us, and I know that He comforts us through the Holy Ghost when we are in desperate need of comfort. I love this gospel and I just want to whole world to open their arms and accept it so they can be happy!!!

Thanks for all of your support and love- I sure need it! I love you all so much!!!!!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

Monday, April 14, 2014

Up and Over the Hill......​.April 14, 2014


Okay Hi!

So yes, I hit my "Hump Day" this week- April 10th was nine months since I entered the MTC. Crazy! Now I just gotta work to make the next nine months better than the last! :)

So, this week we almost got Jenna into rehab. Our awesome member was going to take her on Sunday, when the place had a bed open up. But Jenna changed her mind. So now, we get to tell Jenna that we can only help her if she will help herself. She's not even a real investigator, but we just keep trying to help her. Our member even let her stay the night at her place and everything, and she's about done with Jenna too. We can't do anything more until she's willing to change. And the worst part is, she is way worse off than we ever imagined. But I guess she needed to go lower, so Christ can someday lift her up. Please keep her in your prayers. I do love her so much.

Brenda didn't come to church yesterday, but came to our Stake Easter Concert/Devotional last night which was amazing! Her brother is back in town so we'll keep trying to meet with her.

The best part of this last week was definitely Adam. We met with him Wednesday with the sisters over the Singles Ward, and he brought poptarts and water and a sheet for us to sit on outside :) He came to church yesterday dressed to the nines with his saxophone- he had practiced and practiced to play with the church choir "come come ye saints." He even transposed the song into harmonies and other music things I don't even know! Too bad the choir director didn't actually let him play. :( Many people were very disappointed. Adam actively participated in his classes, and a member invited him over for dinner. He is so great! Adam is the best.

I have been studying the Atonement, and just this morning I finished reading "The Continuous Atonement" by Brad Wilcox which is basically the best book ever. I know Christ is our Savior and He did everything He did because HE LOVES US!! I am so excited for Easter and for this time to remember Him.

I love you all! Be safe and happy!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

Monday, April 7, 2014

We've been waiting six months for this!..... April 7, 2014


Ok everyone, Hi again!

Basically the only thing that has happened since I wrote my last epistle is GENERAL CONFERENCE! We have been waiting and waiting and waiting in excitement for it to come! And we all loved it!

We watched both of the morning sessions in the stake center with a bunch of other missionaries and a few other people. We were able to watch the Saturday afternoon session with our investigator Brenda, and I think she enjoyed it! We still don't know exactly what is holding her back, but she is a firm believer in "slow and steady wins the race" I guess. So we keep going!

We were also able to watch the Sunday afternoon session with Adam at a member's home, and he loved it! He is so smart and knows so much of what they are talking about. He even wrote down a melody he had come to him while listening. He's the cutest guy! We thing he may be high functioning autistic, because he is a little bit different and so out of the ordinary. He is incredible! We met with him last Thursday and talked about what he read in the Book of Mormon. We're planning on introducing him to the sisters over the YSA ward to see if he would like to be involved with that. The house he and his mom are moving into isn't in our ward, so we don't know if we'll be doing a hand off in the future or not. But no matter what, I know I have been so blessed to know Adam, the best Jazz musician around!

Other crazy thing.. Jenna called us Saturday around 5 and asked us to take her to the hospital. We were able to call a member we've been trying to introduce her to, and she offered right away! The member took her and kept us updated until they sent her home around 11:30 after a lot of tests. There are a ton of concerns we all have, and we are still trying to help her find the path she needs and wants to be on. But she needs a lot of direction and guidance! I am so thankful to our member who took her under her wing and says she's stay in daily contact with her.

So! Missionary life. I love it. I know that God is there and He loves us and wants us to be happy! And that's why I'm here.

I love all of you too! Be safe and stay happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sister Hailey Brown

Saturday, April 5, 2014

This week I lived a TV episode I saw one time......​..April 2, 2014


Hello again! Crazy week.

Yes, I survived transfers! Sister Carambelas and I are still together and working to kick this area into shape!

So there's this episode of Psych were this guy is robbing a bank and SWAT comes and they have to use a negotiator... yeah, I lived that on Monday. Only way crazier. Are you ready for this?

So, we were doing our studies, and around 9:45 or 10 we hear lots of yelling and banging, so we run to our balcony and look over... the guy in his 20s to lives to bottom right of us was yelling at his dad to stop attacking his mom. Along with a lot of other undesirable language which didn't help us all freaking out a bit. He was holding a metal cane or a golf club or something, and he saw us from his spot by his porch and asked Sister C to call 911, so she made the call. The other sisters ran outside and went from door to door, looking for a man who could come and help him. The Indian lady next door came out and said he had gotten his mom out the back way and they ran to the road, so we all ran over there (Sis C and I are barefoot, Sister Tucker is in pink socks and Sister Garrett is wearing flip flops). Sister Garrett is totally in control of the situation, and Sister Carambelas is off the phone by now, so she sends us to get wet cloths and ice for the woman's face, which is purple and swollen all over. So we're booking it back and forth all over, I grab ice and rags and I think my companion ran back downstairs so I go out to the people, and whoops I left her by herself in the apartment, right next to the murderous crazy guy downstairs. So I go back, and she's so good she's getting our nametags so we look like missionaries :)

The police came not long after, started taking statements from the young guy, and grabbed the shotgun he had gotten out of the apartment, and started accessing the woman, who is probably in her 60s. We stay for a few minutes, while Sis Garrett holds ice to the woman's face, and the police officer remembers that we can't leave each other. When the paramedics in the fire truck came (and blocked in our car on the road) we turned her over to them and we were sent home. Only to get a call 10 minutes later saying we needed to leave. Makes sense. The guy still had two more guns and had taken half a bottle of ambien and probably other things.

So we drive aimlessly for a few minutes, then call our district leader for blessings because we are all quite shaken. After doing that at the church building, we all went out to lunch, then head back to our place to see what was up- and the entire street was blocked off. So we went and visited a member with the sisters, then we went over to see what was going on with some of the other gawkers. Kids were getting home from school, and couldn't go home, and people are just waiting... We had perfect timing though, because Sister Carambelas and I got to see them bring the crazy guy out and check his vitals and everything, then take him away. Then the 2 dozen or so police officers/SWAT or whatever they were had a debriefing, and they started taking down the caution tape... and around 4 we could go back to our apartment!

Yep. They had people in there for a while taking crime scene photos, and a nice police officer stood outside the entrance to our doors. but where the young guy had to break in the back window is still a mess, even this morning.


So yeah. that was crazy.

did anything else happen this week? haha.

Well, did I tell you about Adam? I don't think so. He and his mom just moved here from New York, where he's had all the lessons but still has a few hang ups and hasn't decided about baptism yet. He is a HUGE music genius and played his tenor saxophone for us! I'll put the video on dropbox!

Anyway... guess the week was pretty normal besides that. I think.

Okay. well, I love you! Having a blast in Scottsdale, the weather is perfect :)


Love, Sister Hailey Brown