Monday, April 21, 2014

Loving the sun . . . and the Phoenix Zoo!! ..........​...April 21, 2014


So, hi everyone!

I'm writing a little bit later that usual because our zone went to the Phoenix Zoo this morning! We had a lot of fun, but man I'm exhausted! The sun sure does take a lot out of you!

We had a pretty good week this last week. The best part was the Easter Pageant! We got to go down and help pass out programs and invite people to the temple visitor's center on Tuesday and Saturday, and we went down with some members and nonmembers on Friday night and we got to see it! It was super good. Did you know it's the largest Easter Pageant in the world?!? So there were a bajillion people there, but I didn't even get too claustrophobic :) The cast comes out before it starts to talk to people, and they bring out some of the lambs they use! I got to cuddle one too! They use all real animals, and the cast is almost 500 people! It was really cool.

On Wednesday I was on exchange with the Sister Training Leaders in my area, Sister White and Sister Garrett. Yes, I was with both of them in my area- it was a little different. Sister Carambelas went with two other sisters to another ward for the day. The Sisters are such great missionaries and are always so upbeat! they really helped me to rebuild my faith in the area and in myself as a missionary. We had a great day! We were in the park, looking for people to talk to, and we talked to this man with a dog, named Antonio. He was super nice and gave us his phone number to invite to church, but he didn't show. Still, it's a possibility! and he was super nice. So... miracle!! It was great :)
We met with Adam again, and gave him some homework chapters to read in the Book of Mormon for our next meeting that will hopefully help resolve some of his concerns. We were also able to meet with Summer and her four daughters- did I tell you about them? They just moved here from Utah, and Summer and her husband are inactive and none of their daughters are baptized. We were able to teach them the Restoration, and we're planning to meet again this week! So, potentially, her three daughters 8 and older could be baptized! so we'll have to see!

I feel super boring this week. But we had a good week and we're working hard! We had a good Easter yesterday and I hope all of you did too! I love having this time to remember and reflect on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, and especially His Atonement and the Resurrection. We are so blessed by our Father in Heaven in so many ways that we don't even recognize. I am so thankful for my life and my family here on Earth, and even more grateful for the Atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He really does love us and know us, and I know that He comforts us through the Holy Ghost when we are in desperate need of comfort. I love this gospel and I just want to whole world to open their arms and accept it so they can be happy!!!

Thanks for all of your support and love- I sure need it! I love you all so much!!!!!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

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