Saturday, April 5, 2014

This week I lived a TV episode I saw one time......​..April 2, 2014


Hello again! Crazy week.

Yes, I survived transfers! Sister Carambelas and I are still together and working to kick this area into shape!

So there's this episode of Psych were this guy is robbing a bank and SWAT comes and they have to use a negotiator... yeah, I lived that on Monday. Only way crazier. Are you ready for this?

So, we were doing our studies, and around 9:45 or 10 we hear lots of yelling and banging, so we run to our balcony and look over... the guy in his 20s to lives to bottom right of us was yelling at his dad to stop attacking his mom. Along with a lot of other undesirable language which didn't help us all freaking out a bit. He was holding a metal cane or a golf club or something, and he saw us from his spot by his porch and asked Sister C to call 911, so she made the call. The other sisters ran outside and went from door to door, looking for a man who could come and help him. The Indian lady next door came out and said he had gotten his mom out the back way and they ran to the road, so we all ran over there (Sis C and I are barefoot, Sister Tucker is in pink socks and Sister Garrett is wearing flip flops). Sister Garrett is totally in control of the situation, and Sister Carambelas is off the phone by now, so she sends us to get wet cloths and ice for the woman's face, which is purple and swollen all over. So we're booking it back and forth all over, I grab ice and rags and I think my companion ran back downstairs so I go out to the people, and whoops I left her by herself in the apartment, right next to the murderous crazy guy downstairs. So I go back, and she's so good she's getting our nametags so we look like missionaries :)

The police came not long after, started taking statements from the young guy, and grabbed the shotgun he had gotten out of the apartment, and started accessing the woman, who is probably in her 60s. We stay for a few minutes, while Sis Garrett holds ice to the woman's face, and the police officer remembers that we can't leave each other. When the paramedics in the fire truck came (and blocked in our car on the road) we turned her over to them and we were sent home. Only to get a call 10 minutes later saying we needed to leave. Makes sense. The guy still had two more guns and had taken half a bottle of ambien and probably other things.

So we drive aimlessly for a few minutes, then call our district leader for blessings because we are all quite shaken. After doing that at the church building, we all went out to lunch, then head back to our place to see what was up- and the entire street was blocked off. So we went and visited a member with the sisters, then we went over to see what was going on with some of the other gawkers. Kids were getting home from school, and couldn't go home, and people are just waiting... We had perfect timing though, because Sister Carambelas and I got to see them bring the crazy guy out and check his vitals and everything, then take him away. Then the 2 dozen or so police officers/SWAT or whatever they were had a debriefing, and they started taking down the caution tape... and around 4 we could go back to our apartment!

Yep. They had people in there for a while taking crime scene photos, and a nice police officer stood outside the entrance to our doors. but where the young guy had to break in the back window is still a mess, even this morning.


So yeah. that was crazy.

did anything else happen this week? haha.

Well, did I tell you about Adam? I don't think so. He and his mom just moved here from New York, where he's had all the lessons but still has a few hang ups and hasn't decided about baptism yet. He is a HUGE music genius and played his tenor saxophone for us! I'll put the video on dropbox!

Anyway... guess the week was pretty normal besides that. I think.

Okay. well, I love you! Having a blast in Scottsdale, the weather is perfect :)


Love, Sister Hailey Brown




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