Monday, April 14, 2014

Up and Over the Hill......​.April 14, 2014


Okay Hi!

So yes, I hit my "Hump Day" this week- April 10th was nine months since I entered the MTC. Crazy! Now I just gotta work to make the next nine months better than the last! :)

So, this week we almost got Jenna into rehab. Our awesome member was going to take her on Sunday, when the place had a bed open up. But Jenna changed her mind. So now, we get to tell Jenna that we can only help her if she will help herself. She's not even a real investigator, but we just keep trying to help her. Our member even let her stay the night at her place and everything, and she's about done with Jenna too. We can't do anything more until she's willing to change. And the worst part is, she is way worse off than we ever imagined. But I guess she needed to go lower, so Christ can someday lift her up. Please keep her in your prayers. I do love her so much.

Brenda didn't come to church yesterday, but came to our Stake Easter Concert/Devotional last night which was amazing! Her brother is back in town so we'll keep trying to meet with her.

The best part of this last week was definitely Adam. We met with him Wednesday with the sisters over the Singles Ward, and he brought poptarts and water and a sheet for us to sit on outside :) He came to church yesterday dressed to the nines with his saxophone- he had practiced and practiced to play with the church choir "come come ye saints." He even transposed the song into harmonies and other music things I don't even know! Too bad the choir director didn't actually let him play. :( Many people were very disappointed. Adam actively participated in his classes, and a member invited him over for dinner. He is so great! Adam is the best.

I have been studying the Atonement, and just this morning I finished reading "The Continuous Atonement" by Brad Wilcox which is basically the best book ever. I know Christ is our Savior and He did everything He did because HE LOVES US!! I am so excited for Easter and for this time to remember Him.

I love you all! Be safe and happy!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

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