Monday, March 24, 2014

We've got the golden plates!! ......Marc​h 24, 2014


Well Hi everyone!

This week was... kind of a blah week.

It happens.

No investigators at church this week, Brenda didn't show and Jenna was sick (or hungover, we're thinking...) but Sister Carambelas and I taught Gospel Principles! We talked about The Church of Jesus Christ in Former Times- the church that Christ established when He was on the Earth. The lesson gave six points that the true church must have, or else it doesn't work. I love that we can see all of those points in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! For a great lesson, so check that chapter out :) We had a great turn out in the class of ward missionaries, and a man who was baptized a year ago that we are teaching the new members lessons to. Sister C totally beasted in teaching- after all, she wants to teach high school history in the future! So, we had fun. then in Relief Society we played conference bingo and ate a million starbursts. What a great Sunday!

Probably the most interesting thing that happened this week was Jenna. I think we stopped by to see her three days in a row. She is really struggling, going through terrible withdrawals just for trying to decrease her intake of alcohol. On one of these visits we helped her as she threw up outside of her front door. Man, we just want to help her so much! She has been through so much and really needs so much help! All we can do really is pray for her, and try to find her some rehab program. Oh, and teach her that God loves her no matter what! So please keep Jenna in your prayers!

We finished teaching Brenda the Plan of Salvation, but it's still slow going. She's taking everything in and trying to reconcile everything between her mind and heart. We still have a long way to go! So Brenda is in need of prayers as well, because is struggling to accept some of our teachings.

We had a great zone conference this week! And guess what? I guess our car looked clean to Elder William, the vehicle coordinator, because we won the golden plates! 

Which is weird because the inside of our windows were smudgy and we didn't vacuum, just shook out the mats. But I'm happy! We did scrub the car with those window cleaners at the gas pumps before running it through the car wash!! Haha

Well, transfer news is this Saturday, so I'll email next Wednesday for P-day. Who thinks I'm getting transferred? Lets get those predictions written down! I only wish I already had an answer :/

Love you all! I am so thankful for the support you send my way and for your testimonies that you share with me. I know that I couldn't do this if I didn't know with everything in my being that this is right and true! I know that I have found happiness and peace through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I want everyone to know (and accept!) the Gospel to have that peace too! I hope you all are looking for simple ways to share what you believe everyday!

You are all AWESOME! I love you!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

Ps- here is a picture of Sister Carambelas and Sister Garrett sucking up green jello out of star shaped ice molds. because they wouldn't come out of the mold :)

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