Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dust in the wind.... March 10, 2014


Hello family and friends! Well, I was reminded that today is my 8 month mark! I entered the MTC on July 10th. It seems like a whole other lifetime ago! It's almost like I have my Utah life, and my Arizona life. It seems similar at times and yet is so different! I'm going to be so confused when I go back to Utah- I'm getting my Arizona geography down pat, and zip codes and area codes and freeways and the lingo.... Just not the heat. It's not too hot outside yet, but when it hits 80 and we're walking around or getting into the hot car I just want to fall into one of those nice pools just sitting around empty.... Because they're "too cold" right now.

Yes, some native Arizonians are still cold right now.

But not me! Nope, it's time to go shopping for some more light weight clothing! It's getting hot.

Anyway. What did I do this week? Hmm.

Well, I went on exchange with Sister Garrett! She is super fun and I just love her so much! She came to my area with me, and she showed me how to talk to people. And she helped so much as we finally got to talk to a potential investigator and set up another appointment with her! yay!

We met with Doina again... but then it got super crazy because someone at the home she lives at got sick, and then people were running around... and then her boss, the house owner, kept stopping and asking us questions about the Book of Mormon and things we believe. He is also from Romania, so I'm glad those Romanian copies of the Book of Mormon are around that house! His main upset was that Mormon's name was larger and above the name of Jesus Christ. He thinks it should be, The Book of Jesus Christ, written my Mormon. Or something. In my head all I can think is, so what! It doesn't matter what it is called, but what is contains! But I didn't say anything, and Sister Carambelas and I both agreed that Christ's name should be bigger, to show he is the focus of the book. But we all love God and Jesus, so we left on a good note :)

Thursday... We got to go to the Temple!!! Only being able to go every three months is not often enough!!

Needless to say, we all loved it and really needed it! This is a picture of Pinnacle Zone- all the missionaries in the North Scottsdale Stake.

I don't think I told you about the best referral ever from last week! We got a less active referral from Headquarters, which is really unusual. But we met her last week- Summer and her husband are both members but inactive, and three of their four girls are 8 and older but not baptized! We've met with them a few times and introduced them to the Primary president, who has four girls the exact same ages- 2-3, 7 turning 8, 9, and 10 turning 11. We are so excited to work with them! We have never met the husband- Summer says he wouldn't be interested. But even if all we do is get the girls involved in activity days, we are so excited to do it! They asked us questions about where we came from (and dinosaurs- so cute!) And they didn't know the story of Adam and Eve or Noah or anything! We hope we can come teach them the gospel!

We were also able to meet with a recent convert who has stopped coming to church- turns out it is because she wants to be outside, not inside. She is super busy as well, so that doesn't help! But I have been trying to get a hold of her since I got here at thanksgiving and it finally happened! Perseverance people. It works.

We met with Jenna briefly on Saturday. She might go to prison for few months because of her DUIs- and we found out other really hard stuff, and we just want to help her so much but it's all up to her. So we'll see what happens at her court appearance on thursday. But she loves God and wants to do what is right. We are nervous and sad. Pray for her!

Yesterday was a great day at church, even though no investigators showed up. Brenda still has family in town so we're trying to set up a time to meet. We got to have dinner with a member's Catholic mother, and a Muslim from Jordan who is here to do his residency at the Mayo. We had a great religious discussion! Basically, we all love God. That's the most important thing, isn't it? :)

I am so happy to be here and learn so much. I Love you all!!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown


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