Monday, March 17, 2014

High on the Mountain Top..... March 17, 2014


Hello! and... Happy Saint Patrick's Day! don't worry, I'm wearing green :)

So, something really cool happened this week! On Wednesday, we went with Sister Tucker in a "tri-panionship" because of crazy exchanges... I don't even fully understand how it all worked out, but we have three trios of sisters in our zone so it gets confusing. So we got out of the car at a apartment complex to try to see someone, and a guy rides by on his bike and asks, "Are you guys coming to my place?" And Sister Carambelas very cleverly replies, "...Do you want us to?" :) He said his name was Alex, and he had talked to missionaries before... and some even came by a few months ago but he didn't want to talk then. I completely remember knocking on his door and him saying he wasn't interested when I was with Sister Fairbanks. Crazy! He said he wouldn't mind talking to us again- he heard we believe in levels in heaven, and he wanted to hear about it. He did say he had no interest in joining the Mormon church. but we were like, sure! So we said we would come by the next day.

So here we come the next day, ward missionary in tow so we can go into his apartment. He tells us about his religious beliefs- he believes in, if I remember it correctly, "the master path." He said they are basically Christians.... they believe there is always a master on the earth... it sounded like a video game or something. Maybe you can google it. But we were so amazing because so much of it sounded like our beliefs! We shared the kingdoms of heaven, and asked if we could come back another time to share all of God's plan, beginning with before we came to earth (the plan of salvation!) But our ward missionary put the kibosh on the whole thing because he wasn't interested in joining, and for that meeting we listened more than we spoke and that's usually a no-no. So... that awkward time when your ward missionary lost you a potentially new investigator. We gave him our number and the Book of Mormon and told him about upcoming General Conference and told him to call or text us! then we left dejected and very much annoyed.

BUT, wonder of wonders! He texted us a few days later, saying thanks for the conversation and that he's been thinking about us and stuff!! We almost died! All is not lost! We texted him back and he didn't reply... but now we have his number! It could happen! When you're not really teaching anyone, even someone who doesn't want to join the church is accepted! Okay, he would be accepted anyway! We just need to let our ward missionary know that. Because guess what? He could change his mind :)

So... that's the most exciting thing that happened this week, I think! We had a GREAT stake conference this weekend, and our Zone Leaders lead the interactive presentation in the Saturday night session and did a great job! I just love all the missionaries :)

We are still working with Brenda, we saw her this week for the first time in about 2 or 3 weeks. She is moving super slow... but she's still moving so we can't complain that much.

Oh, here's sad news. We dropped by John's place tuesday and set up to come by wednesday but he canceled the day of. then a few days later... he sent us a break up text. He said that whenever he meets with us his relationship with his ex "sours". Sister C and I both just laid on the ground. and that's how the others sisters found us when they got home. We are super sad, because he KNOWS it's true and he loves it, but Satan has found his way in in the best/worst way- he's trying to keep his family together but saying goodbye to the LDS church. "for now." I guess all we can do is hope and pray he will find his way back.

Jenna has tried to stop drinking twice this last week, but it didn't work. She needs some serious help- but she goes to court today for her DUIs and we'll find out about her possible jail time. All we can do is pray. I don't think the time for us to teach her is now- she needs to go to a rehab center first. I love her so much and just want to help, but I'm not here to be her friend. I'm a missionary and I need to be a missionary.

I love all the people here and just want to help them in all the ways they need help! But we can't to everything- we're called to serve, and that's what we're trying to do. Mostly it feels like I'm called to find everyone on the ward directory and then tell the ward council about the people they have no idea about. sigh. But we're doing our work! and trying to teach. Every day I get a little better, and I can see how much my sweet companion has learned in her first three months here. Transfers are the first few days of April, so we'll see if we stay together here! I would love that so much! But I think one of us, if not both, will be training again.... time flies!!

Well, I'm off to enjoy the rest of P-day. and take a nap. I love you all!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

PS- we hiked camelback this morning!

our zone at the top! we all made it!
our district- or the ones who were able to come today. missing some sick sisters

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