Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I love the people here!......August 26, 2013

Hello hello!
First off, I'll find out this Saturday if I'm being transferred, and then they'll take place Tuesday- We will drive down Monday night, then transfer day Tuesday, and then P-DAY ON WEDNESDAY!!! So I'll email then with the news!!! I also got the packages! One thursday, one friday- and one this morning!!! Mom, you went a little crazy on those! But I love them! and everyone is soooo sooo sooooooo jealous. It's crazy! I was able to use the converter you sent for pictures today- they're already on dropbox! the sky here is gorgeous, and a picture a little girl drew of me and my companion, and then Sis. McCashland drew in the little girl and the nametags she forgot haha. and me and a horny toad we found in a watermelon patch yesterday! and me and the new positivity clicker I got this morning. It's so awesome I love it! Thanks for everything! Now I just have to worry about moving it all if/when I leave.... And thanks for the raincoat you sent me! I feel like I should be in London when I wear it. The rains have lasted longer than they usually do, so I've been able to use it a few times. Except when we're not expecting it to rain and I'm stuck without it, like all yesterday evening... haha but it's okay! We're in the car most of the time anyway.
So what's new with me? hmm. Sean and Tatiana have a date for the wedding, (I think I said that) but they were handing out invites yesterday! so they have things set up and everything! and She already has her ring :) and we asked him, and it's Sean, not Shawn (haha). the bishop needs to talk with them about his baptism, because he wants to do it the day after the wedding, Nov 3, a sunday. But they know the commandments and have still been living together, for a while now. Their kids all get along great, and their littlest one is growing so fast! I think he's about four months now? I've seen growth just in the last month! I'm so excited for them! We're doing FHE with them tonight, yay!
We've been visiting a less active woman, Judy Jones, and her grandson Hunter is my first new investigator! He's only 9, but doesn't know almost anything because his mom- Judy's daughter- is inactive. We taught him the Plan of Salvation, and he loves to see pictures of Jesus and learn about Him and Joseph Smith. I hope I'll be here to keep teaching him!
I love the people here, and could go on about some others but my time is short here. We did mini exchanges thursday and sunday, for about 2 hours each time. I was in my area for them! I got to decide where to go and who to see, and it was kind of up to me to talk and keep conversation going, which I don't do a lot of. It was awesome!
We picked up trash along a main road on Saturday for part of the Taylor Town Clean Up- and people should only be allowed to smoke if they don't throw cigarette butts all over the place. True story.
Lot's of service planned for this next week! I will be busy busy busy, just like all you at home :) Keep working hard! I love you all soooooooo much!
Love, Hailey
your Sister Brown :)








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