Saturday, August 16, 2014

Another Week- and a Baptism Date!!.........August 11, 2014


Hi Friends! and Family. Mostly family, I bet :)

Yesterday was my 13 month mark. But I decided I'm still going to tell people I've been out a year, or a little more than a year. I'll probably say that until I head home. Sounds like a plan to me!

So, pretty much the best news ever! Brandon has moved his baptism date to September 6th! His Mom had concert tickets the night of the 20th so it wouldn't work out :) He chose the date himself! We are so excited. Even his mom agrees, he is so ready. We bought him a Triple Combination and a True to the Faith book, and his face just lit up when we gave them to him! Unfortunately, the next day his mother got sick, and we haven't been able to meet since. And he didn't make it to church, he had to take care of his mom. We aren't terribly worried that this will effect his baptism, but we do wonder what the adversary is up to. 

Justin and Julia brought their little 4 year old to church for the first time yesterday, and she behaved so well! Her mom just took her off to Primary without any prompting from us, and they know where their classes are and feel comfortable going there without us. When a member asked Justin if he was member, he said, "Going to be!" Now...... we just need to figure out when they want to get married, so they can be baptized!

So, overall it's been a pretty good week! Still hot, but it's coming into monsoon season! In my opinion, the monsoons are one of the best reasons to live down here!

I love you all! Thanks for all your love and support, and especially for your emails and letters! You are the best!

Love, Sister Brown

PS: Finally got some pictures of the car from the wreck! Here it is in the junkyard- still hoping to get pictures on the car upside down in the street! Reminder- I was sitting behind the passenger. And yes, I did roll down my window to extract myself and Sister Tucker from the car.

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