Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Christmas Lights are Shining Bright!..........December 15, 2014


Hi again!

So this week, we did a lot of biking around, getting to know some people, and trying to stay warm. It gets chilly at night here in December! We also had a rainy day, and boy it is difficult to keep out of the puddles! Luckily no drivers splashed us :)

We got a new ward mission leader yesterday! The work in this ward has been... slow, to say the least. I am hoping that with new missionaries and a new mission leader we can breathe some life into this area! There is a lot of potential here, but many of the potentials live in low-income temporary housing, and don't stay for long. We are having a great time tracting though- something this stake is having all the missionaries do in all the apartment complexes. We are inviting people to come see the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights, and telling them about the He is the Gift video. It's been going pretty well! This is the perfect season to talk to everyone about Christ :)

So, my companions! Sister Tippery is from Portland, Oregon, and has been serving for six months. Sister Roberts is from Tallahassee, Florida, and came out the transfer after me, so she'll go home in March. Sister Roberts served in this ward before, a few months ago, but only for one transfer. So she is familiar with the area, but we are all getting a fresh start! When we are biking down the road and need to stop at the busy street, the three of us line up, and I feel like I'm in a biker gang :) I'll have to try to get a picture somehow!

Anyways, we're staying warm (mostly) and staying safe (besides the dog bite Sister Roberts got.... just startled an old dog at a member's home. got checked out at urgent care and everything, it's all good) and working hard (we're trying!) I LOVE missionary work! Sometimes I have no idea why I do, but then I remember- this is the most rewarding work any person can ever do! I have been so blessed to have been able to serve the Lord here in Arizona, and I am so thankful for all the experiences I've been blessed with!

I know that Christ has restored His church to the earth, and that we are blessed to be led by a prophet of God on the earth today!

I love this Christmas Season, I hope you are all taking the time to remember Christ!

I love you!
Love, Sister Hailey Brown

Photos- the sun beginning to set behind the rain clouds :)

so here are my new companions! I just took this picture and we all look terrible, 
they would probably kill me if you put this on the blog!

​Sister Tippery, Sister Roberts, and me!
yep. here ya go.

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