Monday, December 2, 2013

Still reeling in the valley.... December 2, 2013 (what?? December??​????)


Hello again! I can't even believe it is December. It feels like I'm on vacation in California or Mexico or something. But I'm guessing for you all up in Utah it feels like December! Brrr!

So, not a lot to say.... We had Thanksgiving with our Bishop's family. Bishop Bloom and his family are pretty much the only people we say that day, because we can't just drop in on people on Thanksgiving! So we went home and went over all the paperwork for the area- or not even all of it, there is too much! We're trying to get the know the area more but it sure it hard! This city is confusing!

Apparently people don't like you to come after dark. Friday night some people were not to happy to hear from us. One woman told us through the door she was very disturbed that we were knocking on her door at 9 at night- although it was only just after 8. Another woman said, also through the door, "Now is not the time for visiting!" I'm glad that all I could do was laugh in bewilderment. 

Our ward takes in part of Phoenix and part of Paradise Valley, and everyone here is super well off! For our dinner Saturday night we had to be buzzed in at the gate to get to their front door. And almost all the apartment complexes- and there are so many of them!- almost all of them have gate codes you need to get in. We tried to visit someone, and their gate actually had a security guard. He called the people to verify they knew us, and while he waited for them to pick up, he says, "Sister Brown? As is, nuns?" No, we're sister missionaries.... And then the people asked us to come by another time. After we left I had a bit of an anxiety attack. I could handle people not letting us in at night, I could handle members having to buzz us in, but the security guard rejection plus the nun thing was just too much. Coming from the mountains where people can't pay to turn on their heat or pay for gas to take the kids to school, and Sister Fairbanks coming from the Salt River Pima Reservation, which is probably worse than what I experienced... we are so out of our element here. So yep, here's another experience!

A man who was baptized about 18 months ago called us, and asked to meet. He wants to become more active and get his priesthood and go to the temple. Yay! We are so excited to help him to more forward. The only thing we need now is help from the ward, and they pretty much seem to be very willing to help!

We are trying to move our baptism from the 7th to the 14th, so we have more time to set it up. Because neither me nor my companion has ever had to plan a baptism! So I'll have to let you all know how that goes!

It's so strange to see christmas lights all around without any snow... but it's still fun to see!

I also met a Sister Reeves in church yesterday.... Isn't it a small world? She is Paul Benson's mother-in-law. I don't remember the Benson's very well, but I remember a little. I guess everyone is connected somehow!

Anyways, that's about it for now! I love you all very much and am always so glad to hear from you! I bore a brief testimony in church yesterday, because I do know that we are so blessed to have the fulness of the gospel on the earth today. We know the happiness we have through the gospel, and we know that the gospel is the one and only way to find everlasting happiness- and that's why we share it with those we love! We share the gospel because we love these people so much we want them to have the joy that we have. The first article in this month's Ensign is awesome- go read it!

Always look for ways to be a friend to someone in need. And that makes us happy too!


Love, Sister Hailey Brown


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