Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas is coming? Are you sure?.... December 16, 2013


Hello again, and welcome to the life of Sister Brown. It gets pretty boring though, so you can just stop here and go watch a Christmas movie if you want.

So.... the baptism on Saturday didn't go through. John doesn't want ruin his relationship with his family by joining the church so soon after his divorce, so he's going to wait. But the ward sounds like they are going to make sure he gets what he needs to continue to progress, like home teachers and a calling he can hold. So that's that! He seems to be doing pretty well though. We will continue to work with him a bit to make sure he is still doing good.

We were able to go to the temple this week! My first time at the Mesa Temple, besides the day I flew into Arizona and we went to the visitor's center. As we left, the temple lights were starting, so we got to see a bit of that! We still need to get an investigator or less active to go with us down there so we can see them!

But like I said, most of this week has been really boring. We are doing a lot of knocking on doors, and finding out that the person has moved. This is the problem with apartment complexes! Plus the whole, wait until someone goes in or out to get inside the gate. It can be really frustrating, just to go from place to place each day and no one will talk to you. And it's exhausting. And it's so hard to find the Christmas spirit around here! No snow, but a handful of cacti and bushes are covered in lights and santa hats! Some people go all out, and some people don't do anything, which is sad. We love the lights! They make us happy. Also, the other night I pulled a lime off someone's tree in their front yard. it was right next to an orange tree. It's a crazy thing to experience, fruit actually on the tree!!!

We are working on learning and teaching about family history, which is AWESOME if you haven't tried it yet. just go look! It's so amazing to see where you came from and to see the names of people to helped you be where you are today. We are going to take Stephen, the Less active we've been working with, to the family history center tuesday night and try to get him started! He hasn't quit his coffee yet... but he's still trying, He told us yesterday that he will through it all out. So hopefully he has!

Last night was the stake choir devotional at the church, which was really awesome! I love music and I love the spirit that Christmas carols can bring :)

We will be going on exchange tonight- I'll stay in this area with Hermana White, and Sister Fairbanks will go up to Cave Creek Ward with Sister Tenney. They are both sister training leaders so we should only have to exchange the once. So this will be interesting! Sisters Brown and White! It will be hard for me to take the lead, because even though I'm supposed to, normally sister fairbanks just goes for it. But I need to learn, and every day I do learn something new. Even if I don't know it, I'm positive that everything that happens here happens for a reason. I have already seen so much growth in myself over the last few months, but I can see so many other areas where I still need to grow! But it will come. I have faith that my Heavenly Father knows what He is doing with me. I may be growing, but I still want to help others to grow too! So that is what I am working towards. I know that by helping others, our sadness and wants will be decreased and we will feel happier! It has happened before, and it will happen again. And that is why service is so important! Because you make other people happy, but it makes you happy too.

I hope all of your Christmas holidays are going splendidly! I love you all!! Be happy and remember our Savior! And if you ever swing down to Arizona come to the Christmas lights at the temple- I hear they are amazing :)

Love ALWAYS, Sister Hailey Brown

                     a quick photo by the temple, because we didn't have time to get a good one. :)
and our van some in our zone took down to save miles :)
at the dinner after our temple trip on Thursday.
Sisters Crowther, Fairbanks and Brown, and Sister Kaufusi in the front :)
in front of the reeve's home

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