Saturday, December 14, 2013

The cold is still a-comin'..​.. December 9, 2013


Hello! Again! Does this seem repetitive to anyone else?

So apparently I have some blog readers. So hi!!!!!! Thanks for keeping that updated for me Mom!!

What happened this week.... Well, We've been preparing a baptism for this Saturday! John is a man who was taught by the elders before us. He just went through a divorce and loves our church! So hopefully everything will work out for the baptism!! Neither Sister Fairbanks or I have ever had to get the whole baptismal service planned and it is hard work! I'm sure it is made harder because our building is having its bathrooms remodeled, so we didn't even know if we could do it there, plus planning around all the Christmas parties that are happening, and taking into account John's schedule as an ER doctor... He'll be sleeping all day on Saturday after a night shift, then he'll be up to his baptism at 4! We pray it goes off without a glitch!

Had the worst experience of my mission so far! Picked a name off the ward directory, a part member family, decided to go visit. She answers the door- and I have not heard so much profanity since high school! She tells us to get off her property, and she's getting a restraining order, and calls us some names... and we're just like, what the heck is going on? we don't even know you! So that was crazy. While she is telling us all this she is walking towards us... if we hadn't skedaddled outta there, she might have beat us up. It was super scary. The valley is different from the mountains, in more than one way!

I've become a pro at sneaking into gated "residential communities"- since I actually have to do it to our own place. we don't have a clicker, and the people in the office don't have a code they give to the residents.... so we're just like, fine, wait until someone comes or goes and then head in. Same thing we do at every other place we go! these places are hard!!!

We had the ward Christmas party Saturday night, but I can tell I like the way our ward does it better. Although we did get a whole dinner from it, it was just too structured and people couldn't really talk to each other too much. But it was still fun! 

We DIDN'T get to see the Christmas Devotional... but maybe I'll watch it next year if I can find it online :) But we do get to go to the temple this week! on the 12th, the 1:30 session. And we're handing out fliers for the Mesa Temple Christmas lights, but we need a less active or investigator to go with us so we're working on trying to get someone to go with us!

Um, don't know what else.... I loved the Christmas package! I love everyone everywhere for everything!! But most especially my family :)

Be safe and stay warm! And remember the true reason for the season!!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown
people have weird decorations around here
and huge Christmas decorations!!

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