Friday, November 29, 2013

Breathing some different air now........November 27, 2013


So yes dear family and friends, transfers has again brought about a change for me. And this is the biggest change yet!

I am now serving in the Scottsdale North Stake, in the Chaparral Ward. Although I think I'm living in Phoenix. Everything is super nice and rich and big and busy! I'm senior companion to a visa waiter, Sister Fairbanks. She is from Modesto, CA, waiting for her visa to Bella Horizonte, Brazil. And the best part? We're white-washing. Twice in a row for me! The elders who were in the area before BOTH went home really sick about a week or so ago- so we got a little information from the elders who covered the area for that week- or basically we have the area book. and a lot of other junk. So.. this will be interesting!

I don't really know what else to say! I'll have Sister Knight update me on the investigators in Show Low whenever she can- we didn't get any of them to progressing yet. But I think in this area we have a baptism on the 7th! But we have no idea how to go about this.... so yep! This will be REALLY interesting!

Oh! last week I went on exchange and got to experience a little bit of the Linden area of Arizona. I like seeing other areas that are so different on exchange! But those rough dirt roads and crumbly double wide trailers are nothing like Scottsdale. Learned some more about family history- found out I'm related to John Whipple, back in the 1600s! And Whipple is a huge name around here! At least in the mountains it is. They pretty much founded all these places up north! so yeah, now I have a connection to the area! We're all related probably! haha

And I did push the car out of the mud this week when we were out at White Mountain Lakes near Show Low! Thanks for the good shoes, mom :)

So, rain and snow up in the mountains. maybe some rain and some sunshine down in the valley. Seems to be in the 70s as far as I can tell, maybe 60s. We live in a super nice place, and it even has a gym! so that's really weird. I now that all of this is going to take some getting used to!

so, lots of new pictures! from Show Low and Lakeside, transfers, and a few from this morning with Sister Fairbanks! We also live with Sister Crowther and Sister Kaufusi- Sis Crowther from Taylor!  She is so sweet. Her mom sent a "12 days of Christmas" gift for each of us! I took a picture this morning :) They will cover Desert Ridge Ward. And this is how you know the area is rich- Stephenie Meyer lives in our stake. Not either of those wards, but a different ward that other sisters cover. and her dad takes care of the phones for the mission office. So who knows who I will meet while I'm here!

So that's about everything for now... I'm terrified and excited to be here, in the valley, white washing! But I know that the Lord has placed me here for a reason. So I'll continue to learn and grow, down where it's warm! And I'll finally get to go to the Mesa temple this transfer!

Crazy times. But, I kind of love it :)


Sister Hailey Brown



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