Monday, November 18, 2013

Not much new... but it's cold!......November 18, 2013

Dear family and friends,

This week has been more of the same: knocking on doors and creeping down roads in the dark trying to see house numbers. We're cool like that.

No snow yet! But it's frosty each morning, and the other day we did get rain mixed with hail. That was fun.

We were able to meet with Courtney this week! I'm not sure if I've talked about her before- She is 15, and the Elders taught her a little bit before we got here. She grew up Christian, but never really active since she was really little. Her parents are fine with her learning about our church, and she wants to find out if what we are teaching her is true! She hasn't been able to come to church for the past two weeks, but hopefully this week she'll make it!

A newly married couple just moved into Show Low 1st ward, and the husband wants to reactivate himself and the wife wants to be baptized! They have both been in prison/jail before, and been addicted to some bad things, but it sounds like they want to turn over a new leaf! But the last two weeks church fell through for them, along with our appointments. They texted yesterday saying they were out of town, so we rescheduled again. We only met them once and taught the first half of the Restoration. We haven't seen the commitment from them yet- but they have promise and potential!

We have been visited with an older woman who has custody of her granddaughters. She has never really been active but is trying to be- but hasn't come to church since we've been here. But now she has her hair permed so that excuse won't hold up anymore! She has two granddaughters who are 14, one 12, and one 1. three are sisters, and the other 14 year old is actually going back to the valley to be with another cousin because it isn't working out. I'm come to really love these girls, even though they are going through so much and may not even believe in God. But the elders say that each of them had a baptism date at one point, so they must have once believed in something! I hope that, at the very least, we are a good influence on them. And I pray that we can get their Grandmother, Sister Tuetken, back into the gospel so baby Alisa can grow up with the blessings of Primary! She is so sweet! I should take pictures :)

We have met with a former, a few weeks ago, and I think I told you about him. Bob Williams... sound familiar? He has had family visiting so we haven't been able to go see him, but we have an appointment for later this week. He has learned about the church before, but may just be visiting with us for the company. Hopefully we find out one way or the other. We want every person to learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, but if they just won't progress or commit, we can't waste the Lord's time to keep going by. Which sound a little bit harsh, but there are people who are searching for the truth, and we need to find and teach them!

I always heard people say that a mission was the hardest thing they ever did, and I knew it would be. But knowing about something and experiencing something are two completely different things. If I wasn't as committed as I am to keep going, I would have thrown the towel in a long time ago, and head back home where I can sleep in and take a nap and not be stressed all the time! Although college is pretty stressful... but that's just a grade. This is my personal salvation on the line here! Mine, and I don't know who else I'm here to help! But I'm serving the Lord to the best of my ability. And, as the sweet Catholic man next to me just reminded me, God knows about tomorrow- what is there really to worry about? The devil makes us worry. So kick him in the butt! Lot's of good people out there :)

So, I'll keep plodding along. Be friendly and love everyone! Because God loves each of us!

and I love each of you too :)
Love, Sister Hailey Brown

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