Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Great Week for the Font!!................... October 29, 2014



So, I had a GREAT week here in Arizona!! Michael and Anne Marie both got baptized on Saturday!! They actually both went off without too many problems! We even drove the 20 miles out to the Clay Springs building to see an 8 year old baptism from Pinedale Ward at 1pm, then drove back to make our 2pm baptism. We had a CRAZY BUSY DAY!! but we loved it!

Anne Marie

Michael and his sweet family

Did I mention the awesome family in Clay Springs that wants to be baptized?? The Kasson family just moved there and were instantly fellowshipped by members and invited to church- they love it! They have been 100% prepared by the Lord. They came to Anne Marie's baptism as well! All 6 kids sat quietly and were AWESOME!!

Kasson family
I love them all so much! they are all like sponges, taking in as much as they can- and retaining it! The kids are so smart! They were going to be baptized nov 22, then they wanted it sooner so it was the 15th, but now it's the 8th because they don't want to wait anymore! Unfortunately, I have been transferred and am no longer in the mountains- but Sister Carroll and I are going to ask President if we can go back for their baptism! All but the youngest girl are 8 and older and will be baptized. 7 baptisms!! Such an amazing miracle.

So, Yes! Now I am serving in the Paradise Valley Zone ( and Stake) covering the Shadow Mountain and Granite Reef Wards. Something really interesting will be, we share both wards with a set of elders- only different elders for each ward! We are assigned to less active work in granite reef, but help out where we are needed! It's so strange, I don't really know anyone in this zone, so it feels like I'm brand new! Only, I'm one of the oldest ones on the mission now!

Man, so much has happened this week, but I don't even know what to say! I think Sister Carroll and I said a lot of goodbyes and took lots of pictures to remember. She was there for 6 months and I was there for 6 weeks, but it broke both of our hearts to leave. There is so much I still want to do, and so many people and want to be friends with forever! I am so thankful for the opportunity the Lord gave me to serve among His people in the mountains, even for this short period of time.

Don't have time for lots of details, but that's the scoop! This is me and my new companion, Sister Entin, from Virginia. We were in the MTC together!

Sister Entin

Ps- this is us, right now, emailing. haha.

I love you all! be safe and feel the Spirit of God! God is there and LOVES YOU!!

Until next time!!


Sister Hailey Brown

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