Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Exchanges and Birthdays!​..... May 27, 2014


Hello again!!

(do I start my email like that every week?)

Happy Birthday Morgan! Yesterday!!


So! Life is Cave Creek! It's like a mix of all my other areas combined. With a lot more cactus. And a billion more quail. But I saw a bobcat! And a coyote crossed in front of our car, then a roadrunner did the exact same thing. I love seeing the animals!

One of the best things about this week was Shelley! I actually went with her and her girls to the Gilbert Temple Open House in January when I was on exchange in this area! We went on splits with the ward Tuesday night, so I got to go see her again! And she even knew the ward missionary I was with, who is a teacher at her kids' elementary school. Shelley is SO READY for EVERYTHING!!!! The biggest holdup is her husband Frank, who grew up a strong Catholic. But we had a great visit on Tuesday, and she believes so many of the things we believe! And she even showed up to church on Sunday!!! She could only stay for sacrament meeting, but it made my day! She and her family is super busy though, and will be out of town a lot for the summer. But she makes me happy :)

We are working with a few members, trying to help them prepare for the temple. Jan is one of these, and she is a hoot! She is so funny. We are also meeting with a Bob and his ex-wife Marge- they live together because their son lives there too. It's kinda weird. I actually met them when I was on the same exchange in January as well! Isn't life crazy? They are super nice, but very hesitant about coming to church. We are working on teaching them about the Book of Mormon, and about how the Book of Mormon and the Bible support each other and work together. I think if they want to, they could make it to the temple as well!

Here's probably the craziest thing for the week... On Saturday we were on exchange, I was with Sister Baham in my area. An investigator named Angela invited us to her home for breakfast, and it was delicious. Fanciest breakfast I've ever had! (I know now that eggs Benedict are delicious.) Her good friend and house help Servie as there, as well as her daughter home from college. But this house.... I've seen really nice homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, but this home is ridiculous, and the amount of security we had to go through was crazy! She lives right across from someone famous. We took lots of pictures :)

Angela and Servie will be hard to catch this summer as well, because Angela has a home in Indianapolis that they go to a lot. But I hope we can go back! I want to live there.

We're still trying to meet a lot of people, which is becoming increasingly more difficult as the heat settles in and the people peace out. Sister Cole and I are getting along great, and the couple we live with amazing! They sure keep good care of us :)

And I'm on exchange again today! Sister Baham and I will be together a lot when our companion go on exchange. But we have fun!!

I love you guys!!! Stay cool! :)

and go to mormon.org/becauseofhim  if you haven't yet!!! :)

Love you!!

Sister Hailey Brown

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