Monday, May 19, 2014

Livin' the Wild West...............May 19, 2014


Hello again! I guess it's been another week or so. We've been doing a lot!

Hermana White has been showing us around our ward in Cave Creek and Carefree, and parts of Scottsdale and Phoenix. But we had to part ways Saturday morning, so now Sister Cole, my new GPS and I are trying to figure this out!

We met a lot of people this last week, some less actives and investigators and potential investigators. The ones who stick out the most to me are Justin and Tonya. Tonya is a less active member returning to activity, and Justin is her husband- they just got married a month or so ago! Justin was progressing really well towards baptism, but fell back into some bad habits. We met with them twice last week, and they showed up to church yesterday! It will be a long and hard road for them, but I have faith that they can make it! Sister Cole and I were able to talk to Justin Friday night, and I think he feels comfortable with us. We are excited to work with them, along with the other people we have met!

Well, I've adjusted to a lot of the heat, but it sure is still HOT here. And now that it's summer again, the bugs are coming out. I haven't seem them, but I sure have found a few bites on my legs! Definitely the worst part of skirts. Time to pull out that bugspray from last summer!

This area reminds me a lot of my first area in Taylor. I took a few pictures of the area as we were driving..

​But it sure is different at the same time! A lot more people with a lot more money :) It's a really tourist town, so that is kind of fun too!


I'm excited to be here, and really excited to be working with the people here. The ward knows how important it is to share what we have with those around us! I am so thankful that I have grown up with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life, because I can see so clearly how it has blessed me and my family. I want everyone to have these blessings and to find the happiness and joy that comes from the Gospel!

I love you guys! Be safe and happy!

Until next week....

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

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