Thursday, January 9, 2014

The real test is here...... January 8, 2014


Hello, and Happy New Year!!!

It's been a while since you've heard from me, but not a lot has happened. Or it has, depending on how you look at it :)

First off, New Years! On the 1st we had a multi zone activity, and 3 or 4 zones all met at a park near the mission home to play board games and sports, and some people hung out at the mission home and just have a good time! It was great because we can't play board games or cards or anything regularly, so I had fun playing Star Wars Monopoly, until we got bored. It was great to just be outside and get to see some people! Unfortunately, most of the people I know and love are up in the mountains, or in one of the zones we weren't with that day. So I didn't see a lot of friends, but we still had a great time. And we got to watch It's A Wonderful Life that evening with members! Just like at home :) So that made my holiday the best!

We went on a lot of weird splits this week, because one of the sisters we live with was sick, and they had a few appointments they needed to go to. So we got permission to mix it up! I went with her companion a few times into their area, the ward just next to ours. It was a crazy week.

We were able to meet with Stephen again! He is still trying to quit his coffee, and we were finally able to get him to an Addiction Recovery Meeting in Mesa- and we got permission to go with him! It was an amazing experience, and the Spirit was so strong there. It is people who struggle with addiction and are trying to get and stay clean, using the Atonement of Christ. I would gladly go back any chance I get! Stephen did say he would be moving though, so we're trying to help him while he's still in town.

We were also able to meet a former investigator who some members in our ward are still working with. Brenda knows so much about the church, and at one point was so close to getting baptized. It sounds like it is hard for her to take that last step, because she has already been baptized in other churches. She also has a hard time accepting that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God and that the Book of Mormon is truly God's words for us, and not just a book written by a man who wanted to confuse a bunch of people or something. I don't know why anyone would write a book like The Book of Mormon unless they actually believed everything they were saying! So we are going to keep meeting with her and try to help her gain a testimony of The Book of Mormon. We invited her to a single sisters Family Home Evening on Monday night, and we all went and she loved it! She had actually been before with her member friend, and definitely wants to come next month. She has a small dog-sitting business in her home, so teaching at her home is quite the experience! There were just three small to medium dogs there when we went, but they were all vying for our attention and running all over the place! I love them, but they are so distracting.

What has really amazing is that we came over just when we needed us. The Jehovah's Witnesses stopped by that morning (she says she very politely just says no thanks) and she was having a lot of family trouble just that day. I hope we were able to help her, and at least bring the Spirit into her home to comfort her.

You know, I think I might be forgetting the most important thing! No, I didn't get transferred, but I did get the biggest challenge I've had to face on my mission yet- a greenie. Yep, President Sweeney called on Thursday and asked me to train. He wanted to make sure I felt ready before making the official phone call on Saturday. I am super nervous and scared, but so excited too! And now that I have her, I feel a lot more excited :)

Sister Carambelas (like, someone who rambles on forever and never stops talking- Car- RAMBLE- us- it's Greek!) is 19 and from West Jordan, UT. With the other companionship in our apartment switched- one stayed and a new one came in- all four of us are from Utah. Makes life pretty boring :) Anyway, she is awesome and so happy and excited to be here! She spent an extra week in the MTC, because they didn't want anyone to come in on Christmas Day, so I bet she is a way better teacher than me! But I love being able to help her learn about the little things on the mission. I think we are going to be AWESOME together :)

So! there you go. life is good.

I love you all so much! thanks for everything you do for me and for all your love and support. Keep on going strong! The Lord wants each one of us to succeed and be happy! So let's do it!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown
ps- did I ever tell you what Sister Hubmann sent me? A picture of Eli, in Snowflake, with his baptismal record, filling it out! He got baptized the Saturday after Christmas!!! I was so worried that he was going to get lost when he gets deployed in a few months, but he contacted the Sisters and committed to baptism that first meeting! Sister Hubmann gave me another update yesterday at Transfers, and the Ballards came to church!! I don't know if you remember these people, but I do and I love them! I had to keep myself from screaming in the cultural hall :) Sis H is finally coming back down to the valley, so I may see her a little more often!
So yep, update on Taylor and Snowflake :)
Eli and Sister Hubmann
Sister Brown and Sister Carambelas

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