Monday, January 13, 2014

I forget that it's January until I have to write it..... January 13, 2014


So! Another week. Each one is so similar, and yet so different....

What has happened since the last time I wrote....

Um, we saw some people. We met with Brenda again and set up another appointment for this week. She is at a point where she feels like God is directing her where to go, and she wants to know if this is the way (and yes, it is!!) She started reading the Book of Mormon over again without any prompting from us, and asked us a lot of questions! She has a problem with the need to get baptized again, because she has already been baptized in several other churches. She is struggling with knowing if the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith is a true prophet- she has a vision of all these men plotting around a table about creating our religion. I just looked a saw that I wrote about this last week, but I guess it's something she likes to bring up. She is so close to being ready to go forth with faith, but her mind is still being tugged in the other direction. I pray that as we teach her, she will be able to feel the manifestation of the Holy Ghost and she will know that what we are saying is true. Even if she likes her Praise and Worship service better than sacrament meeting- (there are downfalls to having an open mike on Fast Sunday, as we all know).

Training is a different experience! I'm trying to do what I know, and trying to teach what I think is best, while still holding on to the brand-new led-only-by-the-spirit actions my companion is still going on. I worry that I've feel into a teaching pattern, so I'm trying to work more on following the Spirit to know what to say, instead of just teaching the material. It's so hard! Because the material does need to be taught, in a way that needs to be understood- but we always need to follow the Spirit, so we know what and how to teach. Missionary life never becomes easy! new challenges always arise.

Had a great Sunday, although we didn't get to see anyone besides our dinner appointment. We had dinner with the Bishop and his family, and it was ridiculous! Their kids are hilarious, and someone we all ended up laughing our heads off multiple times. It was so much fun! If slightly crazy. Apparently there is a picture of a shaved bear on the internet they showed us... terrifying and so sad. and other crazy random conversations. A great bonding moment for my brand new companion and her first mission bishop! it was just insane.

And I can't believe I almost forgot! We had a huge multi-mission conference to hear Elder Jeffrey R. Holland speak on Saturday... but at the last minute he couldn't come. So we heard Elder Wright of the 6th Quorum of the 70 speak instead. We had to wake up at 4:30, picked up at 5 to be there a little after 6 to get good seats. We needed to be there by 7. We did get excellent seats, 3rd row in the middle! Would have been much more exciting if Elder Holland had made it, but it was still super amazing and spiritual. I got to see all my friends at the same time! That never happens! We got a mission picture taken and all had lunch together. It was great!

After that on Saturday, we had an opportunity to meet with a woman who is taking the discussions from the Assistants to the President, who cover the singles ward in the area. We accidentally left a message on the wrong door and have been texting since. Cassandra wanted us to meet her and her boyfriend at California Pizza Kitchen- she wanted to ask us if she could be Mormon/Buddhist. So that was crazy. We were able to talk to the APs at the lunch and they encouraged us to go. We told her it depended on each situation, because each Buddhist believes different things. Her less active boyfriend had a lot of question as well, mostly about the Plan of Salvation. Mostly I hope they don't go back to the Elders and say, "well, the sister missionaries said this...." because that would be terrible! But I think we did a good job. After the lesson, Sister Carambelas turned to be and said, "That was so much fun!!!!" I love being her companion!

So, that's my life update! The days are warm and the nights cool, pretty nice weather :)

I love serving the Lord and I am so thankful for this opportunity I have to do so! I am seeing the growth within myself from the things I am learning, and I know I will be able to help so many others as I keep working to improve myself each day. I love each of you SO MUCH and miss you! but think- I just passed my 6 month mark a few days ago. I'll be home before we know it! and who knows what that will be like!

Keep on smiling!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

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