Thursday, September 18, 2014

DRUMROLL PLEASE! and the new location is........... September 17, 2014


Well, whatdya know, I'm transferred again! And it's not somewhere I thought I would see again on my mission....

Right now I am emailing from the public library in Show Low, AZ. I'm up in the mountains! My new companions are Sister Krutsch (say kroooch) and Sister Carroll! This is us this morning, outside my new home in Pinedale, Arizona! We will be covering the Pinedale, Linden, and Clay Springs wards.

This is the same area I went on exchanges to when I was in Show Low last October and November. It no longer contains the Cibeque branch, which in now assigned to elders who live in a trailer on the rez. It's been almost a year since I served over more than one ward! And since I've been in the mountains! I am super excited to be here, but just like when I left the mountains, I feel like I am leaving everything and everyone I know behind in the valley. But I already know my new companions, so all is well! The cooler weather will be a nice adjustment- but shocking!

Another rain storm hit yesterday during transfers, so we drove all the way up the mountain- in our truck!- in the sprinkling rain.

But before I got here.....

Last week in Mesa!


But holy cannoli the devil tried so hard to make everything go wrong! Brandon's mom wasn't able to make it, because by doctor's orders she had to go to the Emergency Room. But both Brandon and his mom decided to go through with it! And it all worked out! YAY!!!

Oh, he was so nervous!!! His seminary teacher from his freshman year (the only year he took seminary), Brother Brooks, baptized him. It was great! We were so blessed to be able to be there for his baptism and confirmation before he got transferred! Mesa 5th ward is getting Elders now, and I think they will be good for him.

I spent about 36 hours on exchange in Mesa 25th ward with Sister Schrecengost (or Sister Shrek) who came to us from Ukraine a few months ago, and finished her mission on Monday. She taught me how to say I Love You in Russian! good times.

A lot of the week was crazy packing, plus a bedbug scare.... oh the stress. Monday I was with Sister Lopez and Sister Kaufusi on the Saltriver Reservation and we had a great time!

So much happened, and it was been really hard with a lot of emotions, but I am thankful to be here in the mountains, because, like they say, "If you're lucky enough to be in the mountains, you're lucky enough."

I love you all! Keep the faith :)

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

PS- remember that car accident? We decided to make a statement, courtesy of a billboard on the Rez and a member photographer.

We are alive because our seatbelts kept us in our seats, even when we were hanging upside down. SO BUCKLE UP!!!

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