Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Rainy Week in the Mountains...... September 22, 2014


Hello everyone! I'm still alive up here in the mountains!

But the best news is, on friday we drove back down to the valley so we could be there, bright and early saturday morning to have Elder Russell M. Nelson come speak to us at a mission conference! All of the Arizona Scottsdale and Mesa Missions came together for this conference, and it was so amazing! We all got to shake his hand, and it was basically the best feeling in the world. It is truly amazing to think that Elder Nelson is an apostle of the Lord, as real and with the same power of Peter, James, and John. You can tell that he speaks with the power of God and that his love for us is the same and the Savior's love for us. It was an amazing experience.

So, all of Saturday was conference, then some valley shopping for dresses and travel back up to the mountains. But we did get to see a few people up here! We met a less active family in Clay Springs, and we had a fire together and roasted pumpkin shaped orange marshmallows. The next day I kept thinking that I smelled bacon or something, but it was just the wood smoke saturated in my copy of the Book of Mormon. I think it has dissipated by now :)

A young man who was baptized the beginning of September is shipping off to the navy on Tuesday, so he went to the temple on Saturday to do baptisms for the dead, and then blessed the sacrament in church on Sunday. He is great! I am excited to see him progress, because I can imagine Brandon doing the same things over the next few weeks! I am so thankful for the chance I had to see him be baptized and confirmed before I left Mesa.

My companions are awesome! I'll have to talk more about them next time :)

I love you all! Be safe and happy :)

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

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