Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sometimes crazy things happen, again and again... July 28, 2014


SO, hi guys. I actually don't feel like writing a lot today. Because guess what? I got sick.

It's the dumbest thing, actually. Adults don't usually get it. I just got this rash all over my body, so we went into a walk in clinic, and apparently I have the super contagious Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. It sounds gross, but mostly I'm fine, just super itchy. Who know how I got it, but I've been out of work for the last few days. But we were able to do splits so Sister Tucker could still go to our appointments! and I guess they went super well!

Earlier this week we were able to go to the Visitor's Center with Brandon and his mom, and they both seemed to really enjoy it! I think the family is super important to them, which is good because it's super important to us too! The Visitor's Center is the best.

We're all doing pretty okay from the car accident. Sister Tucker is working on getting into a chiropractor, and Sister Lopez is dealing with a concussion. Besides that we are getting by! Still so very lucky to be alive.
Justin and Julia came to church yesterday! Which we were going to leave early, but then ended up having to stay for them. But I think they enjoyed it! the ward did a good job of reaching out to them and getting to know them. Sister Tucker taught them the Plan of Salvation while I was home sick, and they took it all very well! They are struggling a lot financially so that is hard for them, but they are continuing to seek out the gospel truth!

That's about all for this week.... I love this church and I love the gospel we have been blessed with! NEVER LET IT GO. We don't see all the blessings that are coming, but I testify to you, they are coming.

I love you all!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

Here's some cool pictures of a mild-moderate dust storm from our backyard.

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