Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Following the Spirit!..........June 16, 2014


So, Hi again! I'm still alive down here! Yeah!

We'll see how it goes when the humidity picks up in July...

But yeah! Good week! We're still struggling with getting people to stay in town long enough to meet with them. So we've devised this plan.... we're going to take all the bananas I let go bad on the counter this week, and make banana bread, and surprise drop it off to people before they leave! Yay! Plus then, we can get some banana bread too :)

We were able to meet with Jamie a few times this week. We taught her and her mother, a less active member, the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They both were very attentive and asked really good questions. We taught them for an hour, and the Spirit was so strong! We taught about the Priesthood, and my companion Sister Cole shared an experience I hadn't heard before, when a Priesthood blessing saved her life as a child. I never realized how important the Priesthood is until I came on a mission and really learned how special it is. We are so blessed to have this power on the earth today, and to have righteous and worthy men who have the authority to exercise God's power on the earth to help His children. Yay for God's love!

Anyways... I love when we can feel the Spirit so strong. It gives me such a feeling of comfort and happiness, but sometimes I realize that I'm being guided by the Holy Ghost too. One experience really stood out to me this week....

Just yesterday, on Sunday, Sister Cole felt we should go by this gated community we have been trying to get in- and we were able to get in! We were able to talk to the inactive member in the community (she wasn't even really rude! yay!) and as we turned to leave Sister Cole asked if we should try the house across the street. It had several cars in the driveway, so we knew it wasn't empty for the summer. But I hesitated. I really hate knocking on someone's door randomly and asking if they would be willing to learn more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I hate doing it, but I feel bad if I don't. So Sister Cole made me decide what to do. I stood there by the car and just prayed in my head. I wanted to do what was right. As I prayed, my thoughts just keep turning towards going and trying someone else. It wasn't any feeling, just the thoughts in my head. I know that the Spirit can come to us in our thoughts, so, although I felt weird about it, we decided to not try that house and try someone else. As we were driving to their house, we passed by a potential investigator's house. The sisters before us just said she might be interested. We had tried her house before and it appeared empty for the summer, so we weren't really going to keep trying for now. But, I noticed a van in the driveway and pointed it out to Sister Cole, and we switched directions. She wasn't home, but we talked to her step-dad who told us she would be gone for the summer. So, now we know!

It isn't anything big, but to be it was just a little miracle. We weren't led to a new investigator or someone who would let us inside, but we were led to find the knowledge that would help us to organize ourselves better and use our time effectively. Now we don't have to keep worrying about the person who lives at this house- now we know we can try in August!

It is such a small thing, but it made me think about how the Spirit presents itself in different ways to different people. That is probably why it is so hard to describe! It can be difficult to know what is really the Holy Ghost and what is you. It take a lot of practice and prayer. But I know I am continuing to learn and discover each day how I can be a better follower of the Holy Ghost.

I am so thankful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost in my life each day, even though I'm sure I often don't recognize it. I am thankful for the people all around me who help me to develop my talents and learn new qualities to help me and help others.

I love being on mission! Thanks to everyone out there who is helping me and supporting me as I serve the Lord. I love you!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

Sister Cole and I in front of the Mesa Arizona temple!

Sister Hubmann and I at the missionary lunch after the temple. 
She goes home in August! ah!!

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