Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Sore Throat- and Some Interesting Transfer News.................June 25, 2014


So hi! I think I forgot to mention it was transfer week coming up. But I survived! And by survive I mean I'm still alive to write you an email, not that I didn't change. Although that too is debatable...

So President Sweeney called Saturday, transfer news day, and left a voicemail. It said Sister Cole would be training this transfer, getting a missionary from the MTC, and I would stay here and we would be in a trio... for now. But, he said there is a high chance I will be getting transferred sometime in these next six weeks due to a situation... but it's not 100%. So I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday and Monday trying not to freak out or be upset that I might be leaving. Especially when I have no idea when are where! Luckily President sat down with me Tuesday before transfer meeting and explained a bit more.

So, there is a 99% chance I will be transferred middle of next week to a biking area in Mesa, because a sister is going home I believe. You may not know this, but... even though I bought a bike and everything on the mission, because of those biking experiences I prayed and hoped I would never be assigned to a biking area, and I really thought it might never happen. But now it has come. I'm quite surprised at how calmly I took the news. But sitting there with President, and having complete trust in him and in Heavenly Father, I knew it is what it is, and there must be a reason for it. Of course, I don't see the reason why it's even LEGAL for anyone to be on a bike in the middle of summer in the hottest part of the valley, but.... It sounds like it's going to happen.

So yep.

We picked up the greenie, sweet Sister Knapp from Kansas, and went straight to work! and here we are now. 

To back up a little, last week I was sick with a sore throat and sinus problems, but lucky for the world we have been blessed with the Priesthood power again and the earth and a blessing from the closest Elders Friday night kicked that to the curb pretty fast! And we were able to go do a full days work again.
So, all of our investigators are officially out of town. So we're working on finding new ones! And we are working a lot on less active members as well. On Monday we had an amazing day of appointments that was better than all of the last week combined! We had two members come out with us, and we contacted people and taught the Gospel! Janice, our less active whose daughter Jamie is investigating, committed to prepare herself to enter the temple!!! It was an amazing lesson, and the spirit was so strong. We continue to pray that her husband's heart will be softened so she and her daughter may continue to progress.

After that, we harvested and ate some cactus fruit from the Saguaros with a recent convert and her family. Very interesting... I probably wouldn't eat it again, but they love it! When it is ripe and dry is when it tastes the best. They took pictures of us, we'll have to get them and send them to you!

Also, on Sunday we had dinner with a family who has a pet monkey. So that's another animal I check off my list while in Arizona! He was a teeny marmoset, but he jumped around our laps at the dinner table and screeched at us because he didn't know us. It was awesome!!

Going on a mission is amazing, because of all the amazing and crazy things we do but also because of the super duper amazing experiences we have with the people here as we try to help strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ. I love it so much!

Thank you for all of your support and love!!!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

Picture of us at the temple! this is the missionaries serving in the valley.

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