Monday, June 9, 2014

Fire Danger EXTREME....................June 9, 2014


Yes, that is what the signs say around here.
Fire Danger EXTREME.
I don't even know if they have an option that is lower than that!
It is hot and dry.

So, Hi again! And welcome to my soapbox!

The desert heat has finally, officially kicked in. What's great is that the heat doesn't feel so hot! Well, it feels extremely hot, but it's mostly bearable. The hardest part is the intensity of the sun on the skin. I'll say to myself in the morning, "Oh, we have a meeting today and appointments, I don't need sunscreen," but then just the short amount of time being outside feels like my skin is burning! So I'm going to start getting better at that! But no worries, I haven't gotten any sun burns yet :)

Working in this heat has been interesting... Luckily for missionaries all over Arizona, if we ask anyone for water, they have to give us some! We met a woman, the next door neighbor to a less active woman we've been trying to get ahold of, and she was super nice and offered us some water inside her house. She told us about her life, growing up in Lithuania and escaping to Germany and eventually the United States during World War II. She takes care of her mother, who is over 100 years old and fell and broke her shoulder a few weeks ago. I can't wait to go back and meet her! The woman, Jura (pronounced Yura), grew up Catholic, but knows a lot of great Mormons and said we can come back. We don't know if we'll get anywhere (but really, you never do know!!) but we left her with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and our number if she ever needs help with anything! We already love her to pieces!

The craziest thing happened a few hours later, where we met a man who grew up in The Netherlands, and had to go into hiding at 17 because they wanted him to work in the camps. He hid until the war was over! He said he turns 90 in August and is all alone. So he said we can come back and visit him! Two great historical experiences in one day- whoo!! Only would I be this blessed while serving the Lord! Of course, I never would have met them without knocking on a few doors!

We had some great lessons with investigators this week, and met a few potential investigators, but perhaps the most exciting thing was our less active member who came to church! We met Janice probably our first week here, and she hasn't been active since she got married to a Catholic man. But with both of her parents dying last year, she has been thinking about coming back to church. Now we are teaching her, and her 15 year old daughter Jamie who is not a member. Unfortunately, Jamie's father wouldn't let her come to church. But we will keep fasting and praying that his heart will be softened! Miracles truly do happen every day.

I love the people here so much! I wish I had the time and energy to tell you about every single person here. I love how many people all over the world are so kind and loving! I know that the knowledge that our Heavenly Father loves us blesses us and helps us to be happy. By following His commandments we find happiness here on earth, and as we continue to follow the path laid for us by Jesus Christ we will find happiness forever! How can we be happy here, if we don't believe there is a place and a way to be happy after we die? I am so thankful for all those who have gone before me and given so much so that we all can be where we are now, so blessed. I can't wait until I get a chance to dive deeper into family history to see the people who built the world! And to my sisters: Google Prince Owain Glyndwr Gruffudd. Totally related to him. This is why rocks! love it.

anyways..... so that's a cool tidbit I found. Think of all the work we can all do, is this life and the next, and we all strive to invite others to come unto Christ and learn more! Because a loving God has given us so much knowledge!

Ahh, it's just so amazing how much we are blessed.

And yes, I am blessed so much by all of YOU!!! Thanks for all your love and support! Love you!!!!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

life is great :)

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