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These crazy days in Show Low!......October 28, 2013

My dear lovely family and friends,

This week can been crazy as ever! Different things happen each day, and the whole week, the whole month- the whole mission!!- turns into quite the experience! Last Tuesday was P-day, and afterwards we went to a Relief Society Night for Show Low 1st ward. We got a ride to someone's house out in the middle of nowhere and learned about canning! Specifically about canning tamales. It was really fun, and we ate delicious food and I rolled some tamales! I took some handouts that I will send home- for you, Mom, and for me! Afterwards we met a potential investigator named Chastity, who just got pregnant... She is very Catholic but doesn't mind us coming over to visit, as long as she's not busy. We haven't been back yet but we're planning on bring a video we can watch together, like the testaments or something. She is really sick and all she does is watch movies, so we thought it would be great! Hope it works out!

That night I accidentally left my planner at the person's house we did the canning thing at, so we called her and she brought it to us in the morning- but I almost had a panic attack when I realized I didn't have it. So that was crazy! But Sister Owens brought it to us the next morning. She is also the one who brought us our phone when we lost it Thursday night- but that's another story!

Wednesday we wondered around meeting members who live in Country Lane Trailer Park, and we helped with mutual for 1st ward. It involved the women wearing white temple dresses and the men white temple clothes, and we read the part of someone waiting for someone to have their name- the youth in the chapel that names. Some were called and some weren't. It really helped illustrate how the people on the other side are waiting for us to do their work here on earth! It was really reverent, and we all left afterwards without treats to preserve the sacredness of the event. It was something alright!

Thursday we went out visit teaching with a member to get to the boondocks of our ward- someone who lives closer to Taylor than to Show Low! That was crazy! She fed us an impromptu dinner at her home, then dropped us off for another girl to pick us up to take us out to the scarier boondocks- Silver Lake Estates. I don't think I've seen a lake there though. It's all trailers and dirt roads and people trying to get off the grid. Apparently we have a lot of that around here. But we had an appointment so off we went! Otherwise we wouldn't be there after dark. I had been fighting a headache/migraine the whole afternoon and was a little off- which is where loosing the phone comes in to play. We went to teach a Less Active woman and her three granddaughters she is raising who are not members. Only Jasmine was there when we got there, and she came out to listen but didn't seem interested at all- she is only 14! Then Sam, 14, and Niki, 11 or 12, climbed in a window somewhere and went around being distracting. We had planned to the teach the Plan of Salvation, but when Sam came over and asked why we worshiped Joseph Smith, we talked about prophets and prayer, and eventually it all came down to a belief in God. These girls don't know if God is there, even though they have been asking for months, if not years! The elders say they all had a baptism date at one point. We are meeting with them Tuesday night, and we hope to continue meeting with them so we can gain their trust and help them to learn about God and His plan for us, a plan He made so that we could all be happy!! Hopefully we can get them to keep coming to mutual, and get their Grandmother to come to church- even though she's embarrassed about her hair, I guess. But God doesn't care what your hair looks like! Come to church and feel the Spirit!

After we left their home, I realized I didn't have the phone and almost died. But we were late to another appointment...

So we were referred to go see a sickly woman when we were in the trailer park on Wednesday, so we met her and set up an appointment for the next night so we could meet her husband. Then she said that her husband was excommunicated for apostasy. And we both started thinking... and realized this is the home the ward mission leader said not to go to without a member of the bishopric or himself. And the elders said there was a person "in this area over here" (with a wide gesture) who corrupted missionaries testimonies so we should avoid him. So we freaked out for a while and tried to call everyone, but what do you know, they all make their ward visits on Thursday nights. We were finally able to get the mission leader on the phone, and he was able to rearrange so he could come with us. It turned out to be okay! We taught the the Atonement and Faith in Jesus Christ and Repentance, and used a lot of scriptures, then he went off on how people need to study their scriptures, and how one time in high priests he quoted D&C 1:38, "whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants it is the same," then proceeded to make up the next verse, simply to see if any one knew their scriptures well enough to call him out on it, and no one did. And his wife is a little crazy, just hanging on his words, and talking about the history of New Zealand in her cool accent. Then we left. And called people on the sister's phone who we live with to try to find our phone, to no avail. But you know how this ends!

The next morning Jean Owens shows up with our phone. Emilie Tuetken, the less active we taught the night before, heard it ringing outside, and called sister owens, who called Sister Sweeney, and brought it back to us. A lot of prayers were answered that morning!! Crazy!

Met more people on Friday... But on Saturday we set up a booth for the city Halloween festival! We had a game and candy, and copies of the book of mormon and pass along cards and movies and everything to give away! I think it was quite a success! We were there the set up at 10, then started it and were then until 3, when the elders took over. It was really fun though!

Those are the hightlights of the week... or the entire week more like! Guess I'm feeling chatty today :) I love you all so much, and although this is super hard and demanding and exhausting, I am happy I am doing this. I'm here to help make other people happy, and when I can do that, I'm happy too. Look for opportunities to share the joy of the gospel in your lives too! Be a member missionary!!

Love you all to the moon and back!

Love, Sister Hailey Brown

ps-  I forgot to say what the pictures are! the first one is me in a brand new outfit you sent me- so cute! then Sister Knight and I at the Halloween Carnival in front of our booth. then last night Sister Knight got a package from her mom, and she sent both of us homemade little halloween bags with candy inside! so cute! So this is us this morning with the bags :)


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