Monday, October 7, 2013

Who enjoyed General Conference​?!......October 7, 2013

Hello again! hello hello.

I am doing great down here in Arizona, and I'm not too cold yet! It's the time of year where the heat is on in the morning and the windows are down during the day. It gets hot then cold and reminds me a lot of Utah! Thanks for sending me some long sleeves Mom!

Has anyone else looked at the ensign this month? It is full of missionary work! My companion and I especially liked the article "Our Responsibility to Rescue" by President Thomas S. Monson.
We're hoping to share it with people up here and try to get more member support!

So this week had its ups and downs. Tuesday we had six appointments set up, but five of them canceled or were no shows. It was actually a really bad day. But our friends Felicia and Chanda in the YSA branch, who help drive us around, made us cookies on Wednesday, and on Thursday night Chanda came over with microwave rice bags she had made, a pillow one and two little hand warmers for each of us. They are both so sweet! They help us out so much.

Wednesday we spent the afternoon in Heber at Zone Conference with the Mission President and crew. We learned that, out of 50 missions in our area, 10 were chosen to pilot the new technology programs and we are one of them! We will be getting mini ipads sometime between October and February, and then Facebook somewhere in that time too. It is super overwhelming! I feel like I already don't know how to do so much, and I'll have to learn how to do this too! But I guess we will all be learning together! I'll try to get you more information on the technology aspect when we learn more.

Wednesday night we also went to the YSA institute to meet some more people, and it was awesome! The teacher is a local artist and author, David Bowman, and he is hilarious! He used to teach seminary and has taught at EFY as well. I wish we could go every week! Make sure you look up some of his work! He talked about the Book of Mormon and used pages from his book, "Dude, Don't Be a Lemuel." It is great! I wish I had all his books and could read them! After the mission I'll get on that :) Everyone around here has his artwork in their homes and offices as well!

Thursday we had a few appointments that went pretty well. On Friday we met with Eli, and with Sean and Tatiana. Sean is still on track to get baptized! and we had a really good lesson with Eli, and we have another baptism date for him, November 2. The man he wants to baptize him is out of state until November. He better be back by then!! I think we can actually make this date work!!

Saturday we had breakfast with the Willis's and some of their family, and it was awesome! They made waffles we had a good time. We watched the afternoon session at the stake center, with one couple and one family with us. It was really good! Saturday night we had our first lesson with a Less Active young woman, a 15yrold named Courtney. Her family grew up in the church, but she never really went to church since the time she was three. There is a lot she knows, but a lot she doesn't. I felt so awkward asking her what she knew and what she didn't. I taught her the Restoration, because she recognized the name Joseph Smith but didn't know what he did. I hope we can keep meeting with her! I don't know about the rest of her family, her mother left the room when we came by. I think they were offended back when Courtney was 3 and just stopped coming to church. They still believe it and try to live it, but there is only so much you can do without coming to church. It is amazing to see how important church really is in an individual's life, or the life of a family.

Sunday we ate biscuits and gravy with the Ballard's, a less active family with young children. It was quite the experience! I hope they got something out of it. We had a good time, but it was stressful trying to keep the kids calm. For the afternoon we went to Sean and Tatiana's. We playing conference bingo and had a good time! It was weird because it didn't really feel like Sunday, because we are usually in meetings for 6-7 hours on Sunday!! It was a good change though.

We're doing pretty good here! We find out transfer news on Saturday, so be sure to send the mail through the mission office until we know where I am!

I love you all soooooo much! Keep being awesome and remember to be a missionary!

Love, Sister (Hailey) Brown

ps- I uploaded pictures from this week and last, so we have quite a few to go through! We have fun :)



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