Thursday, October 17, 2013

Guess where I am now?.....October 16, 3013


So, Family! Transfers came and went, and I didn't get through unscathed.

I am now in Show Low, with Sister Knight. I packed up all of my things and took them to Sister Willis's home- the same person who texted you Momma. Text her and she'll send you a picture of me and my new companion when we picked up my things last night! So I didn't have to take everything to the valley, which was nice. Sister Hubmann is staying in Taylor! This is the first time she is staying in an area for more than a transfer! She's actually not that excited, because it is getting cold! I miss her more than anything right now. I didn't know she sent a postcard home! You'll have to save it so I can see it when I'm back! She is the best person ever, and the best trainer ever. A newbie from the MTC is taking my place in Taylor, and of course as soon as I'm told I'm leaving the work picks up and we get two new investigators! But I am happy that I am so close to them still, and I've even been to Show Low before to go to Walmart! Too bad it's a little colder up here, and we'll get more snow than Taylor. I am also white-washing, or both of us are going into a brand new area! There were four elders in the apartment, and now four sisters are going in to white wash! The other sisters are Sister McCashland and Hermana Aguado, a zebra companionship. Sister Aquado is straight from the MTC, white washing with Sister McCashland. I'm a little worried about us all living together, but so far it has been fine. We live in a complex called The Pines, on the second floor. It's a pretty nice apartment I guess, except that a bunch of things are broken or missing. Elders. And the area books are so empty. But we are meeting with a bishop and ward mission leader tonight, so that sounds promising! 

Also, next P-Day will be TUESDAY of next week, because of Mission Tours. Elder Taye of the 70 is coming to tour the mission, and on Monday he will be up in the mountains. I'll be able to see my Taylor sisters there! So I will email you then! Don't forget! And I don't know my mailing address right now, so we best stick with the mission home.

The move here has been very hard for me emotionally. I cried so many tears yesterday and even this morning, just homesick for Taylor and Sister Hubmann. Taylor is all I've known on my mission, and although I was only there three months it stuck to me, and the people too! I told everyone they could run into me at walmart on p-days though :) So I will have a rough transition moving here, and I need to send a box of things home because I have too many things! 

Here in Show Low we will cover the Show Low 1st ward and Rainbow Lake Ward. I guess I'll have to let  you know how those are when I know! Apparently there is a lot of investigator work up here- the Assistants to the President said this area has the most potential out of the whole mission. Or something like that. The wards are confusing because we are switching around, because the other sisters will cover all the Spanish people in the area. So a lot of confusion and stress, and I pulled the coat out you sent me! I am so happy for the sweatshirts you sent as well- I love them :)

So yes, I am trying hard to be happy here in Show Low, even though this is one of - or maybe the biggest- trial I've faced so far on my mission. I can do this, but only when I trust and rely on the Lord. He knows why I am here, and that is good enough for me. I love the people in Taylor, but now I'm in Show Low, and it's time to love these people. Wish me luck!!!

Love, Sister Brown
aka, Hailey


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