Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Miracles Happen When We PRAY!!!!!.........November 11, 2014

So, no email yesterday due to a poorly timed medical appointment in the middle of Phoenix Mission, but here it is now! And the news you've all been waiting for... The Kasson Family did get Baptized!!! It was SO AMAZING and SO worth the looooong drive up to the mountains and back!

What else this week... we are still doing a ton of service! We are helping a family of investigators have a yard sale and clean out their house and garage and storage unit. It's scary. But satisfying as we throw things away! Yay! We also read the Book of Mormon with the Mother, Sharon, who is disabled and basically the only one we see. She is so sweet and recognizes how important the family is, and wants all of her family to be one religion together, which is amazing! So it's slow going, but that is what we are working towards!!

We are also working with some less actives, encouraging them and reading the Book of Mormon with them. We are helping a family from Brazil return to activity and make it to the temple! Sonia is Mari's mother, and Mari's husband is in the service. Mari's little baby Thomas was just blessed on Sunday! I have been helping Sonia with her family history, which is so cool! She has a bunch of documents already from Brazil, so we are entering information and getting ready to search for more! The invited us over for Brazilian food on Christmas Day, which makes me so happy! I miss my sweet Pradera's :)

I did go on exchange to the Biltmore Zone this Week! We helped out the French Sisters (from France and Tahiti), here from the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission for a few months, on their adventure deep into the West Side to meet their investigator from the Congo. We sat in on their short lesson, and the man learning asked me to say the closing prayer. He knew I didn't speak French, but he decided to not have what I said in English translated, because he can understand simple English. I prayed simply and sincerely to our Father in Heaven, and the Spirit blessed us with His presence. I love knowing that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true, no matter where you go or what language you speak! This week I felt the Spirit in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and even Hawaiian. Our Father's love transcends our mortal bodies and what we can comprehend- He will always love us, no matter what.

I love you all! And I even love the valley, even when it's still hitting 90 degrees on a warm day. I love this mission and I love my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ- and I love Their love for us!

Love the Love, People! :)

Love, Sister Hailey Brown 

Baptism of the Kasson Family in Clay Springs, AZ, November 8 2014
Missionaries left to right: Sisters Hogensen, Brown, Carroll, Lords, and Krutsch
Dressed in White, left to right: Akira, Breeanna, Casey, Elizabeth
Three Boys, left to right: Lee, Thomas, Alex

Little Jeanie in front, only 7 years old- baptism next July!

another photo of this adorable family, after baptism! All but the youngest were baptized :)

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