Monday, February 10, 2014

So thankful for our temples! .... February 10, 2014

Hello hello! I kind of feel like I was just here writing to you... But I guess it was a week ago, so here we go again!

This week we were able to meet with a lot of people- basically every one on our investigators list! And here's something awesome- we were even able to stop in and see John!

John was the investigator who was supposed to get baptized in December and ended up postponing his baptism, because his divorce is so recent and he doesn't want to alienate his family. He has been struggling with connecting with his two young teenage sons, and he doesn't know what to do about the LDS church. He loves us and he knows it is true, but he feels like he owes us all something for helping him in his time of need! He says that no one will tell him how to donate financially to the church :) We just want to help him and keep him involved, but his work gives him a crazy schedule and he hasn't made it to our church in weeks. He is still very involved in his old church to stay connected with his family. We are meeting with him next week, so we will know more then. I hope we can get everything to work out!

We were also able to FINALLY meet with Jenna! This was only the second time I had met her face to face, and she is so sweet! She has had such a difficult past and recognizes how much God is trying to lead her to find peace and joy. She taught her about temples and we set up to go with her to the temple on Saturday night- and she didn't even cancel on us! and her boyfriend agreed to come!! So we got to go through the open house at night, and it is so beautiful, I can't even stand it. Jenna got choked up at several places, but especially just walking towards the grand staircase, with white and cream colors all around us and beautiful flowers... She kept thanking us and hugging us. And she got so dressed up for the occasion! She looked beautiful!! We want so badly to help her, and she knows she needs help. I pray it will all work out.

On Thursday we were supposed to take Brenda to the temple, but she canceled last minute with a migraine. So we called up Kerri, who we had a reservation for to go with this next week, and she was able to come with us! I was so stressed out, but everything just fell right into place- our dinner had to cancel so we didn't need to worry about getting back in time, and Kerri felt great that day (she is the one with leukemia) and she is actually starting a new medicine this week that may have messed up our planned tour. So, that was the miracle of the week! well, just one of them :) God loves each of these people so much, and He works everything out for our good! Kerri loved the temple and had a lot of great questions, and we are going to try to come by and teach her the lessons soon, if she is feeling well. Cross your fingers!!

But with Brenda, we were able to go out to dinner with her the next day and she already had reservations to go to the temple! So we're going again this afternoon! She had a lot of questions about the restoration and the plan of salvation that we are going to work to answer, but I have faith that we will know what to say through the power of the Holy Ghost. We don't know everything, but we have been blessed with so much knowledge! I love this gospel so much! Brenda was able to come to church yesterday as well, and we talked about the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation in our different classes. It was a super good meeting- two sister missionaries who just returned from their missions spoke in sacrament meeting, and it was AWESOME!!

And now, Doina, our Romanian investigator. We were able to get her a copy of the Book of Mormon in Romanian, just like an hour before we were meeting with her! That was a super miracle!! But she was super busy, so we gave her the Book of Mormon and she said she would read it. When we came back a few days later she said she had read some of it. But we were able to meet her husband, and they expressed an interest in coming to church! We are so excited to work with them! But her husband knows even less English than she does. This is going to be difficult! Hopefully we can keep getting our member to come and translate for us.

Um, so I guess that's about it. Oh! We are training (kind of) to run a 5k with the youth in our ward! I'm going to die, but no big deal. My legs are killing me :) The actual race thing is the first of March, so I have a few weeks to get in shape!

So, yeah, I think that's about everything. I love you guys and miss you all so much! I am so thankful for all your support and love that you send to me :)


Love, Sister Hailey Brown

With the Book of Mormon in Romanian
it sprinkled for a few seconds the other day, it was awesome!

At the Gilbert Temple open house
Jenna and her boyfriend Ed at the temple!
this is us studying this morning- working so hard!! :)

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