Monday, July 29, 2013

The Crazy Mission Life....July 29,2013

Dear Family!!
I have missed you very very much this last week! This has definitely been the hardest time so far, but I'm still holding on :)
So I'm in a little town where the elevation is more than double the population. It's a lot of dirt roads and cowboy hats. And we have one investigator, which is actually really good for us apparently! Mostly we work with Less Actives and some recent converts. It's really hard, but the members are all really nice and feed us a lot :)
We got stuck in the mud on Thursday! we tried to go around a huge puddle on a dirt road... bad idea. I guess everyone knows to drive through the puddle where the mud is packed down. We never left the car cause of the mud, but called the elders and eventually found a ward member to pull us out. we were stuck for almost an hour!
It rains everyday out here- thunderstorms too. Saturday was crazy though- we parked and walked to do a neighborhood, and it started pouring. We were on a dirt road- although we were in the middle of town. A great LA finally answered the door and let us sit for a bit, and then we ran off to manuver through the puddles to the car. I knew without a doubt that God was watching us then, because the rain slowed to a sprinkle, and didn't pick up until we were across the street and under some trees. It was amazing :)
We went home and changed, and went back out. A text flash flood warning went out, and it was super scary watching the water pile up so we went home a little after 8 and studied unit 9.
Sunday was crazy! meetings starting at 7:30 in the morning- we had the pack a lunch! it was a long day, but it ended on a good note with a visit to some less actives who want to get ready to go through the temple again! The Spirit is so strong whenever we are teaching at a home, and it really makes me love these people! I'll have to tell you more about them when I have time.
The companion thing is hard. My companion is trying to lead me, but I can tell she's struggling, and I sure know that I am. I guess we'll see how everything turns out!
We're working out here. It's super hard, but I haven't had a complete breakdown yet! I miss all of you and love all of you more than I can say. Keep up the emails and the letters! I'll try to send out a letter today with more, but I'm about out of time for email! I'm taking some pictures, and I'll try to get some to you next week. My sister roommate says she uses Dropbox- if you can, will you set one up for us to use and I can send my pictures on that? I bet Shae can help!
I'm loving the cooler weather up here so no worries! I'm surviving :) I'll talk to you again soon!
Love, Sister Brown

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