Friday, July 19, 2013

Life at the MTC...July 18, 2013

Hello everyone!
Miss me yet? I'll be honest here, they have been keeping us so busy I don't have much time to be homesick! Sixteen hour days- and that's if you get to bed on time!
So to answer your questions Momma....
My companion, Sister Chase, is from Alpine, Utah, and turns 20 in November. We had four girls in our room the first night, but the two in another district moved into the room they were supposed to be in the next day. The other sister companionship (and the other sisters in my room) are Sister Stevens and Sister Johnston, from Texas and Washington respectively. They are so amazing and spiritual and yes, we have a blast! Our district- which is actually like our classroom- has the four of us, and six elders. We're all going to Scottsdale! We have our ups and downs, but we love each other and learn so much from each other! Yes, the youngest elder in 18, fresh out of high school. The elders can get a little crazy- but to be honest, us sisters have our struggles sometimes too :) Yes, I'm living on the main MTC campus, which is awesome, and not actually as huge as I thought it would be! My branch president is President Robinson, and the entire presidency is super awesome. It's so strange that we will only have them for this short amount of time! Sunday was really good- Sacrament meeting first thing. At 7:30 AM. and THEN we had breakfast. and then sisters and elders split, and all the sisters in the MTC met in the auditorium/gym for Music and the Spoken Word at 9:30, then Relief Society from 10 to 11. We had good old Carole Mikita come speak to us, and it was awesome! The rest of the day was super packed as always. And it turns out July is the month General Authorities have off. and the temple is closed. But we still had a great devotional on Sunday by the MTC directer and another great one on Tuesday with Emeritis Seventy Richard G. Hinckley. and then guess what happened? we made history! for the third time in MTC history, all the missionaries, while gathered together in the Marriott Center, had our picture taken! So hopefully I can get a copy, or you can...? I don't know, they didn't tell us but it was so cool! And people I've seen- a boy from high school I swam with when I was a senior and he was a freshman (and he didn't see me so I didn't say anything), Joe Weiss from the stake (same thing), and then one of the Anderson triplets that are my age came up to me the other day! But I have no idea which one even knew me enough to remember me from high school so...
And teaching. Teaching is crazy! None of it is to REAL investigators, but everyone here are super amazing actors! Sis Chase and I teach one of our teachers, Brother Starkie, as Alec- which is actually his first name. We used to think he was super hard, because he knew everything, all this family is members, he knew he needed to be baptized--- but not right now. But Tuesday we got him to commit to baptism on a set date! YAYAYAY! and then that night we had our first meeting with a potential investigator, Sarah. We barely got in the door, and then she said she does yoga, not religion. She believes in nirvana, and positive energy, and reincarnation. Whoo hoo! We meet with her for the second and last time tonight, and we're going to talk to her about God as our loving Heavenly Father and the principle of Faith. Last time she just jumped from question to question and we felt like idiots so I hope we can actually teach her something resembling a lesson this time! I guess you will have to see what happens next week!
I got your DearElders on Friday with the first package, and the others yesterday! besides one from Dad which came Monday or Tuesday. I love to hear from you! and the packages were amazing and made me want to smile forever! I might have some things I want you to send, but I don't remember right now- I'll write you a letter later today with more details.
Departure plans! on July 22, I take US Airways flight 2901, leaving SLC at 8:20 AM and arrive in Phoenix at 9:04 AM. We meet to leave the MTC at 4:30 that morning, so I'm guessing I'll call sometime between 5:30 and 7:30- but I'm not really sure! I am going to buy a calling card and I will call! I'll plan on calling the home phone, unless I hear otherwise.
I miss you all a ton! Our amazing teachers, Brother Starkie and Brother Martin, are the very best here and I could not be in better hands :) I love learning about the gospel here, and feeling the Spirit so strong! This is definitely super hard, but the very best place to learn and study as fast as we are! I wish I had time to write you everything that happens each day, but not even my journal can hold everything! Maybe when I fill this one I can send it home and you guys can see more of what has happened each day.
I've got to go, but I love you all so much and miss you a ton! the very first day I kept wanting to text you updates and pictures :) I hope you are taking good care of my phone mom! And don't miss me too much!
Love you all a bunch times a billion! Talk to you Monday!
Love, Hailey
or if you prefer, Sister Brown :)
ps- my comp took a few pictures and if I have time I'll send them to you! and thanks for the pictures of the family, I was going to ask for some!!! You guys rock
And the hardest part of being here is trying not to say, "you guys," but "elders and sisters." haha



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